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  1. The biggest surprises won't be officially announced. (By that, I mean Baldur's Gate 3.)
  2. I know that there should be a second option if you're female, something like "Do you understand men?" IIRC, I think you need more influence with her to get anything down this branch. (I think she talks about Hanharr if you do it right...?)
  3. Post above = THANK YOU. Because the U.N. doesn't take enough action, it's forced America to become the Dirty Harry of the world. (Not that the Security Council has helped it any.) Where is the U.N. in Africa? In South America? The U.N. has become the League of Nations of its time: a nice gesture, but in reality powerless.
  4. There was a conversation option for it? EDIT: Oh, nevermind, thanks. How odd. I should play the game as a male somtime.
  5. A little OT, but please, someone enlighten me: is Mical the Disciple's true name? I had full influence with him and never found out.
  6. You know, if they ever took a vote to force China to submit to government inspections, China would veto it. Ditto for Russia. The Security Council is a relic left over from WWII that should have been abolished (or at least, refined) years ago. And I have to agree: the UN hasn't taken a strong enough stand on human rights in the past twenty years. It's like they refuse to aid Africa, like they've given up because it's just such a mess.
  7. You have to bring in the bread somehow. If that means working for a home insurance company in the WTC, so be it. I'm not proud, I'd do it; my mom worked at the WTC for awhile. The immigrants and the lower/middle class who worked there did not in any way deserve what happened. They had more in common with the common man in the middle east than the American rich.
  8. But we're talking about September 11th specifically, here. I'm not saying he wasn't a bad guy. His government, however, wasn't the one most closely linked to the attacks. I don't believe any of the hijackers were Iraqis, either.
  9. So, is this a terrorist too?
  10. True. This time, unfortunately, we don't seem to have bombed the right government. Do you know that bin Laden himself was trained by Americans to do their dirty work in defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan? Do you know where all those weapons first came from? Do you know that American and Saudi oil money is all tied up in this? No, it was not a foreign operation. Really? Tell that to the South Americans getting killed down there by death squads. That's not terrorism?
  11. That's tough luck, man. Come live in America. It's not mandatory here yet. (But really, Finland has an army? ) Guess who gets shot at a lot of the time? People who are not officers. And what good does that man on the moon do me? NOTHING. V-5 rockets haven't bridged the wealth gap, funded my college education, or provided me with free reliable health care. Or even a free lunch. Come on, really!
  12. You know, I have a feeling that if we all lived in the third world countries that actually did get bombed, we'd be a whole lot less blase, myself included.
  13. George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.
  14. Well, that's easy to say when you're not the one getting DRAFTED. Well, you just go and join it then. I'm quite comfortable living on the scenic east coast. While you're at it, read Johnny Got His Gun if you haven't already. So it's not your fault when you kill innocent people. You just did what they told you to. SUBJECTIVE MORALITY GO
  15. If I had high speed I'd download it, but alas...
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