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  1. Thanks for your reply -- The options you mention are actually seperate choices... this specific branch is almost always (if not always) the bottom dialogue option..I've talked through all the others, awakened her as a Jedi, heard the whole Hanharr story.. I just don't know if this branch goes anywhere.. the prima strategy guide doesn't even seem to cover it... it's frustrating! The idea of being able to befriend Mira, esp when a LS char is appealing in-character. I wanna do it! But I fear it's like the romance if one plays male - not an option. KV
  2. Hello! I've played the game through once LS/Female and am playing through again DS/Female. I'm finding the same difficulty this time and wonder if perhaps it's just a dead end... When talking to Mira - before or after you turn her into a Jedi (or get her LS and corrupt her DS, teehee!), there is a dialogue tree that seems to go no where.. "I was hoping we could talk...." "What.. are you trying to be my mother..?" "I thought we could be friends..." "no thanks..didn't need them on Nar Shadda and I don't need them now.." Or something along that line. IS there a wa
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