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  1. No, no one at all. (Sorry, I'm feeling especially sarcastic this morning. Maybe I should go have coffee after all.) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ahhh! You must be british. But then agin you would be off "taking" Tea.... hmmm............... I can see most hate the ending! I asked for that...
  2. Hi, Ive finished the game last night. The ending SUCKED ! I mean there wasnt an ending IMO. These forums are ace though, and I was wondering if anyone managed to get any romance in this game like KOTOR1 had ? I mean Revan and Bastilla kissed and were in love ! awwww ! I tried with Visas as a male Jedi this time, and the best I got was to stare into each others face which wasnt shown anyway. Anyone else get far as a male or female ? Im guessing a female Jedi may have got Attons favour? ;-)
  3. OK, Firstly thanks all you guys for your help. To answer Masillas question, I got the proton core by manipulating the console next to the missile Bay in that room. It then gave me an option of "Taking the core" or Stepping away. I took the core. My Journal updated and said that I had the last core and all I had to do was place it. Thats where I got stuck and it wouldnt let me. In any event, I had to start again from a saved game after beating Atris. When I did that - I carefully did all the charges on the ravager first before going into Visas Room, and then facing Nihilus this tim
  4. Hi All, Ive scaned these forums for help and I see a few others have seen this issue before. I have defeated Visas Master and returned from the Ravager Bridge, to place the final Proton charge. The Journal says I have the 4th core (I got it from the missile bay). However, whatever I do, I cant get the next trigger to work and place the charge. Ive revisited all 4 bomb sites, and nothing. When I go to the shuttle, it tells me I havent placed the 4th core. But I cant - there is no option to do so. I have installed Patch 1.0a (UK version) and 1.0b wont install manually or automa
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