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  1. So as an expansion, Obsidian would still have to operate under the approval of WotC. But if you do it as an independent you don't have to get their OK on content. Still, even if Obsidian isn
  2. I just wanted to link this here so I can find it easier in 8 months when Jefferson is announced as a NWN 2 expansion and I say
  3. I can't believe NONE of you haven't seen this before... http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/governmen...evocation_a.htm
  4. Interesting statement. I assume that you formed this opinion based on the board posts he's made concerning the various games he's been working on over the last 3 or 4 years. Not counting the Icewind Dale twins, how many of those have you played?
  5. This is good news...ironic, but good. After what happened to the black hound and how jaded JE appeared to be with the D&D license situation, it's interesting that he ends up working on NWN 2. How do you walk into a situation like that from a motivational perspective? I mean, the PC, interview answer is to put on a **** eating smile and say
  6. Baldur's Gate. The fleeting hope that one day, someone is going to put out a game that was as fun for me as Baldur's Gate was.
  7. Xiw

    Fantasy novels

    Joel Rosenberg's Guardians of the Flame series is nice. So is Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos series. I remember liking Stephen Donaldson's the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series, but that was a long, long time ago. I've had a hard time finding Fantasy books that I like. I've read all the Salvatore's Drizzt books, but it seems more like a chore now then it did in the beginning. I've read just about all the prolonged spinning drow sword fight descriptions that I probably need to in my lifetime but I've invested too much time in the series to stop now.
  8. That's about as accurate analogy as I've heard. I would only add that where in a normal public pool the kids tend to try and hide the fact that they're pissing all over each other, these ones have turned it into a kind of spectator sport and seem to spend a lot of time congratulating each other over it.
  9. Naw, Torment failed commerically because it was set in Planescape. If it had taken place with the same story line in FR it would've sold a ton. The casual gamer wants moon elfs, not a walking corpse who eats bugs.
  10. Come on, now. ROFL if you must but, after the IPLY disaster, the only way the Black Hound could've been made is if several unlikely conditions and circumstances occurred. I'm not talking about BG3 or the Jefferson Engine, I'm just talking about the Black Hound story. 1) Someone would have to buy the design docs from IPLY. This would have the whole Back Hound story, areas defined, NCPs, etc. Fergus bought assets from IPLY last summer. Check. 2) These design docs of course would be worthless unless whoever purchased them had a license to make a D&D Forgotten Realms PC game. Obs
  11. Fine. If no one else will step up to the plate... ...Fergus buys fallout and apparently Jefferson assets from Iply. ...Obsidian is making NWN2 giving them access to the D&D license. JE Sawyer stated in the past that Jefferson would never be published as is was meant to be because of the WotC stance against mature content in licensed products. JE Sawyer also stated (if I recall correctly) that the WotC policy also seemed to be enforce in a rather arbitrary manner mostly in line with who they wanted to keep do business with. WotC seems to be in good working relationship with Biowa
  12. Or Bethesda could subcontract out to Obsidian to make the game...a'la KOTOR2 and Neverwinter Nights 2...
  13. When I bought my first computer, I told my wife I needed it for work and to manage our finances. This was a shameful and bold face lie. I bought my first computer simply and solely to play Baldur's Gate. Later I played Fallout but it, and no other game since, has brought back the fun I had playing Baldur
  14. I've seen many more Druids then Bards. But then we never played 2E, just skipped from 1E to 3.5E. A 1st level bard was something all together different in 1E.
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