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  1. i haven't posted on these forums since march of 2006. just thought i'd swing by to say the game is looking unbelievably good. i must've watched the teaser over 20 times. i haven't looked forward to a game this much since baldur's gate: dark alliance 2. thanks so much for doing what you do, obsidian!
  2. cool. thanks guys. with the torque engine, it states that you must pay $100 per indie programmer, which will definately weigh in on what engine we choose. i've heard a lot about these two engines before, but surely they can't be the only ones. does anyone else have any recommendations for us to check out before we commit (not to say that we won't end up choosing OGRE or torque)? all help is appreciated.
  3. i'm looking for a free 3d game engine, perferably for linux, that is readily useable/alterable for a realtime, or possibly semi-turnbased rpg. it's kind of a broad question, but that's because little mechanics-wise has been set in stone. any links or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, especially from the almighty devs. thanks in advance.
  4. who was duct tape man? that guy deserves a trophy. we should have a poll for our favourite costumes.
  5. you're welcome. i'm starting to seriously consider getting the shirt and the mug with that global warming/pirates graph on them. best graph ever.
  6. read this: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051004/ap_on_.../bush_avian_flu
  7. buzzwords mean nothing to me. i highly doubt the wall street journal or william cohen were joking, they don't seem like the type. or govtrack for that matter. explain why the links are wrong.
  8. this is really interesting: http://www.enterprisemission.com/weblog/weblog.htm i did a search, and among thousands of hits, the bottom of this new york times page confirms the quote used in the above link. and if the secretary of defense talks about a weapon existing, you can take what he said to the bank: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/12/technolo...3bbed0c&ei=5070 Scott Stevens's views on weather modification ( meteorologist for KPVI-TV): http://weatherwars.info/katrina.htm and here's a link from the top link to a bill that was in the us congress this year: http://www.go
  9. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2005-0...-military_x.htm i think that yes, we should vote to temporarily give palpatine full control of the senate. after that, maybe we should disband the senate and send in the clones to "establish order". to quote a friend, "There is already an organization that's supposed to take care of emergencies last time I checked and it's known as FEMA. The idea would be to fix FEMA not allow th military more power. "
  10. not to spam, but to reply and keep this topic near the top... hello.
  11. how could i write a shell script that will recursively descend through a directory structure, checking all entry names for spaces, and when a name is encountered that contains one or more spaces, replace each space with an underscore character? if anyone can help me, i will post a smilie in your honour.
  12. but then the anti dark alliance people wouldn't get pleasure in getting this thread closed. if you think it's best, i wouldn't be against it moving (thank you very much for asking before you closed it). seriously though, i'm surprised it lasted this long.
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