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  1. A somewhat related question, will PE also have Fallout-style background traits in addition to talents? For reference, background traits are optional, can only be picked at character creation and have both advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I'd like to see something akin to "Good Natured" or "Small Frame". Nothing as unbalancing as "Gifted" though.
  2. Instead of finding purely harmful cursed items which would just result in the player reloading and not picking them up, I'd prefer if PE offered the player some incentive to actually consider using such items. Say, each cursed item could have some positive and some negative traits. As a very simple example, take the Cursed Berserking Sword +3 from the original Baldur's Gate. It was a powerful weapon which could be obtained fairly early in the game, but it made the wielder go berserk and out of control during combat, unable to distinguish friend from foe. I'd like to see something similar
  3. A live stream might be too taxing on Chris' busy schedule. OTOH, a blog would allow him to play the game at his own pace and post updates whenever he encounters something interesting. An occasional youtube video providing some highlights might be ok as well, but it would be a waste of time to record every single minute of the playthrough.
  4. Who's to say that resolving a quest through combat won't be the best solution in certain situations? For example, if you spare a bunch of enemies during one quest, they might come back as reinforcements in another one and make things more difficult for you. Also, fighting can be very satisfying if you are playing a combat-oriented character. I enjoyed my Brujah playthrough in VTM:Bloodlines even though you didn't get any XP for killing enemies in that game either. I simply liked the feeling that my character was powerful enough to single-handedly take out a bunch of tough enemies while the
  5. Just chiming in to say that I'm very happy that you're going with this in addition to the goal-based XP approach. Combined, these two gameplay aspects should make for some a really interesting choices in terms of quest resolution. It gives players the freedom to choose the quest solution which suits their character, rather than base their decision purely around XP/loot gain. Nice work.
  6. ^This. For anyone who thinks that not using the pause button is providing an additional challenge - no one here is stopping you from playing that way. Heck, go record a video of your "no-pause playthrough" and put it up on youtube, if you are so inclined. I just don't see "limited pausing" as a feature that needs to be implemented.
  7. In many games, inventory management becomes a major hassle once you acquire a large number of items. One way to alleviate this is to introduce separate tabs for specific item types (i.e. weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, etc.). This would make it a bit easier to search for specific items as long as you know which category they belong to. Of course, you would still have a general tab where items from all categories would be listed. Examples of games which had a tabbed inventory: Risen, Gothic 1&3, KotOR 1&2, Divinity 1&2. Disclaimer: I'm not saying that inventory management was
  8. A very interesting read. Obsidian's future is looking brighter than ever. Good times.
  9. Nice idea. Also, as a little throwback to Planescape Torment, how about getting Michael T. Weiss as well?
  10. Nice update, but you guys might consider breaking up the "Meet developer X" interview series with some other material in between. For example, that Josh recently posted was very interesting. It would have made a good official update, IMO.
  11. ^This. Buffing gets a bit tedious at high levels, at least in D&D. I remember spending a lot of time applying buffs before every major battle in MotB. Of course, it made a big difference gameplay-wise, but waiting several minutes for all the buffs to be cast wasn't much fun.
  12. Heh, apparently Sawyer will never hear the end of that. How about "The Nameless Game" or "What can change the nature of Eternity?"
  13. IMO, a limited exception could be made concerning this particular point. In certain situations, when it makes sense within the gameworld, I think it's ok to use the aforementioned approach. For example, IWD2 had hook horrors which ambushed your party by descending from the cave ceiling which, accidentally, is how these creatures are supposed to act in PnP D&D. Similarly, there could be a justification for rogue opponents dropping from the floor above (via trap doors) to ambush the party inside their guildhall. That said, such situations should be rare and not the norm.
  14. A combination of both systems would be nice. NWN2 allowed you to custom-tailor the equipment to your characters without relying exclusively on preplaced loot. On the other hand, BG2 had that epic feel when you finally assembled all the pieces of a legendary item after collecting them during several difficult quests (i.e. The Equalizer). I'd like to see a bit of both in PE.
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