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  1. Red blue and green in that last picture were so atop each-other it just sort of clashed for me, like at first glance I thought it was a splice together of three separate images. I'm sure the way it flows in game will be very different and I'm not aboard the Monochromatic train, so I shall reserve my judgement for now//but I'd just say the "modern" Glanfathan elf stuff seems to be very well-themed in pallet and texture.
  2. As someone with 159 friends on Steam; : Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is owned by 3 others I've talked to all of them and none of them actually played more than like the intro. : Thief: Deadly Shadows is owned by five other people, only one has played more than an hour of it. : Stronghold Crusader Extreme HD is owned by only me but Stronghold Crusader HD isn't; couldn't tell you which of the two I played (would've been in offline mode) but fun game.
  3. one extended sequence depicts characters getting anally probed by alien creatures Core content indeed, good sir, indeed!
  4. Have y'all considered a suite of randomized questions we should be able to figure out, like "Finish this phrase: Pillars of _______"? I know lots of people turn to that over Captcha but iGuess it runs the risk of someone really wanting into your system and finding out all the answers.
  5. iK,r? I'd say I've seen some pretty flat art in my day; lots of paintings at the US National Gallery, for instance still, I get what he's saying, even if it's simplistic and I wouldn't say you can disqualify anything as "art" so easily as it lacking a component one would prefer. It's like when people propogate the delusion of binary gender!
  6. The highlighted part is what makes me question you know what you're talking about. Chinese people? You mean the Han? They're basically the only people allowed to be in government or make money in a meaningful way, but there are Chinese Peoples. The brown, Muslim Uyghur who recently had a genocide conducted against them? They've grown to accept this? The Zhuang who grew out of Guangxi and speak mutually unintelligible dialects which resemble phonetically but are not Chinese? China is a multi-ethnic state teeming with unrest and surrounded by increasingly faulty attempts to ce
  7. A great example of this is Yahtzee's new freeware, side-on survival Lovecraftian-horror game The Consuming Shadow. You've got 72 hours to save not-Britain from the encroaching terror by figuring out a 4-rune banishment ritual. Every random dungeon (it's a roguelike) contains more clues to the invading God's identity-- it's randomized each time and there are several-- and sometimes occult texts to teach you spells (that eat up your sanity). It gives you xp after every go round (EDIT: to specify, after each death your deeds are scored and it accumulates over play-throughs) and each leve
  8. Better'n'uttin; Still trying to guess what el big updatio is though. Big newz or showing off lots of stuff I'yde guess, the vertikal slyce mayhaps.
  9. Can we hope to see glimpses of geography (i.e.: maps) beyond the Dyrwood and its immediate surroundings in P.E./the bonus materials? It's been pretty fascinating trying to figure this stuff out.
  10. I don't think one can describe second generation or third generation Englishers of being capable of deportation to anyone other than England. Although now I think of it, I suppose we could legally just send them to the Orkneys. They can try causing trouble up there. My dear Red Blooded Britain, this is what Australia was made for! Tally ho I say, tally ho.
  11. In a word: why? I understood the pitch as a personal journey rather than a "save teh world or **** it up trying" quest. It was a refreshing pitch, and if the world is apathetic unchanged uncaring towering above the player in cruel rigidity even as they spiral through personal cataclysm is that not narratively interesting in and of itself, so long as it doesn't come across as poor design?
  12. I generally see it as a collateral damage factor. Like if they get trapped in an AoE in a crowded room or they're prisoners and you're trying to free them or maybe they pick pocket you and you decide to be a l'il bit unreasonable about it... I mean, I can think of lots of scenarios in which the player kills the kid NPC-- but what about NPCs killing the kids!? In Skyrim if a dragon hoses down a child: nothing, nada, zilch. You don't watch in horror as you fail to save their young life. That makes them emotional deadweights good only for bitching and moaning and making people go make
  13. A lovely update, though any update without Tim Cain photo-shopped to something silly and more video of him playing Arcanum feels like it could use a bit of animancy-- holy shazbot the wyrk he's doing on Strongholds sounds great! I can only imagine the potentially hilarious encounters; although, honestly, throwing a party and inviting your favorite NPCs could be even better than vagabonds and ghastly horrors assailing it. Which leads me to the question... How much money do you need for a Sid Meier's Pirates esque dancing miniGame? Think of the applications! Conflict resolution outside
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