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  1. How do we know Obsidian is working on a new project? Where's the source? I guess with Project Eternity progressing the writing crew will have to move on to something. (Fallout! Fallout! Fallout! Fallout!!!)
  2. Happy birthday, not stop partying and convince Bethesda to let you develop FNV 2
  3. They cry a lot and are expensive. They also go poo poo quite often. Gross. In some countries they are used as sex slaves. None of this matters as I am sure Obsidian wants to be able to sell the game and killable children tends to put a crimp in sales for some reason or other. If Obsidian's end goal was money, Project Eternity wouldn't exist. If Obsidian wanted money, they would make another AAA game for a publisher that would be targeted at a much broader consumer base. PE is not going to make Obsidian rich. PE is all about nostalgia and the hard core, old school RPG fa
  4. The new Bethesda generation of Fallout. Although my version of Fallout 1 (on GOG) replaced all the children with dogs because GOG was stupid enough to sell the German edition.
  5. I asked this question back during the kickstarter campaign, and the developers were unsure at that early point. Have they been confirmed yet? Will they be immune like in Fallout? (Please God no). Do I dare say Obsidian even developed a child companion?
  6. As uneducated as the unemployed welfare recipients who leach off of taxpayer money?
  7. Not that I'm against diversity, but this is the Minister of Culture. Islam is not part of the Norwegian culture.
  8. We give aid to some of the most undeserving countries. Billions to Pakistan, who in the past refused American military access in their territory, even though we had evidene insurgents fled from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Not to mention Pakistan is currently holding Ar. Afridi in jail, yet he was key in finding Bin Laden's exact location.
  9. Gallup has Romney tied with Obama. Typically Gallup is the most accurate because it measures LIKELY voters and not REGISTERED voters. Romney/Ryan 2012!
  10. Additional companions (including children, although they should be absolutely horrible in battle and need constant protection) would be a good strech goal.
  11. I'm fine with romances as long as they don't stuff homosexuality down our throats like in Mass Effect or Skryim
  12. Also, if Obsidian includes children, should there be children of all the races, or just human kids?
  13. Should Obsidian take the route of Skryim and add children in their rpg, but make them unkillable? Should children be present and killable? Or should children be absent from the game? Thoughts?
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