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  1. There is a new leeked footage on YouTube from the NYC comic convention. Check it out!
  2. I wish ubisoft would come out with info and official footage. Why are they trying to do a cartmanland?
  3. Same here, I want to play this so bad! I’m like cartman in front of the eb store waiting for the Nintendo Wii lol. Can you post your Petition link? I’m on PS3 so i cant access xbox live duh! I also created a Petition, here is the link! http://twitition.com/8qe3m Please pass it on! Via La Resistance!
  4. Hey guys, After reading most of the discussions on this post and seeing the same answers, I think it’s time we ask Ubisoft to do something! A lot of people have put pre-orders for this game, so that equals people’s money being thrown in for a game that doesn’t have official release date. Most games with dates haven’t even got game footage (AC4) while South Park is most likely close to finished and nothing to show. I was thinking starting a petition to get some answers but I don’t know which would be the best option. I was thinking a Facebook page to get likes, I want to start something tha
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