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  1. 1 million copies ,not dollars... SKYRIM did better , and so did the last Fallout title and F:NV by Obsidian ,we should thank Bethesda for pushing this genre popularity forward. Edit: I was wrong it sold 1.5 million copies before launch: http://attackofthefanboy.com/news/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-pre-orders-top-1-5-million-launch-trailer-released/ So Steam is not necessarily the preferred download platform for games that are also sold via GOG.
  2. Just to note ,CDproject published sales figures for the Witcher 3 a while ago and they noted that the pre-order numbers were above 1 million while according to gamespy they only sold around 350000 at release in steam ,so all of those speculations about POE selling significantly less copies via steam are probably wrong...
  3. This game didn't have any unusual number of bugs at release and was definitely OK after a short while ,after they fixed the double click issue. Some players always have more problems than others and they are bitching about it at lunch but I don't think it was anything special. NWN 2 was unfinished ,this game was OK...
  4. The GM is my favourite NPC follower by far! I don't understand why so many people don't like her.
  5. Me ? A troll?! what make you think so?? And you are probably correct about the video ,as the cat didn't bug him for food. Yep ,this is the typical case with many women that choose to marry a violent man and end up being beaten for years... Stupid people are punished for their stupid decision.
  6. As long as we have the option to romance a goat as well I agree ,as Obsidian has to be politically correct and to represent everyone in their games. Including Afghan terrorists. You probably don't want to offend them... (BTW I don't give a f*** about the political message in this video and just find it funny) Counterpoint: The only IE game I've played was Planescape: Torment. I have not played any of the Neverwinter games, either. PioE's reach extends well beyond nostalgic IE fans! Look ,some reviewers felt that way ,and the lack of voice acting also made this game less sexy for many streamers (And you can't blame them ,its' hard to read loudly for hours y'know)... And there are guys like me who sometimes return home dead tired but still want to play this game and it is really hard for me to read so much when I am tired . If I wasn't a veteran CRPG fan I would have probably settled for something light like FARCRY and wait untill the next holiday before losing a few days from my life to this game.
  7. I agree that you should try it before buying it. The game does not fit well to all of your criteria and in some cases people feel different about some of the stuff you mentioned you like. Some like the changes and some don't.
  8. And he Kickstarted some lame documentary film about some Japanese village that worship cats! So ,my first suggestion about him staying at home worshiping cats was actually pretty close to reality ...
  9. Well I don't agree with you than. It will give the game more life than other things I can think about will ,but perhaps you can change my mind if you suggest something that is better. As I see it now the two most important things that should be added to a sequel are companion AI and improved pathing. After that ,more VOs , only to make the game more accessible to a larger audience and more immersive...
  10. only the budget for the VOs not the total budget. It is expensive but not that expensive.. Can @BAdler care to clarify?
  11. Depends on what exactly you hated/loved in those games. NWN had less role playing elements 1 companion and no companions' equipment managing ,this game does have many companions and you have to manage everything.
  12. A.You are an evil evil man! B.They won't agree for that. C.The VO quality won't necessarily be as good as with professionals...
  13. I'll post again ,they probably made enough money for a sequel so they can pull a Divinity Original Sin and create a Kickstarter only to improve the game even more. In that case better voice acting can be part of the new stretch goals as the game will already have enough substance. Also it's one of those things that can improve sales ,though it creates a problem with all the multi-language translation...
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