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  1. i look down the tree grown trail green leaves hanging down the bending treetops moving in the calm environment, yet i felt an anticipation of something coming my way also felt silence as my movement took me faster in trough the trail under the trees green ,there not-his motionless creatures blackish grey and dark-green skin between the right and left of the trail, ancient eyes ominous and old as something where about to happen , the hunt begun imagined a tactic, followed a leader of creature glared the armor this chieftain wears an armor of the blackest fur, i felt as if i was a pristi
  2. i had this wonderful dream last night, was walking towards a big white box shaped building with book shelf's around its corners instead of books in the shelfs there where them small smiling humans lookt like they where having fun i was walking toward the building with a friend i could not really see how the friend looks like but i got a feeling of fright that behaves they wanted to eat me then i started singing for them and they came towards me with glass bowls i put in them bowls chips and candy and got a feeling of them beginning to be bored of me so i sang again, drop by the vill
  3. oh boy this has turn in to a satirical Conservative nature of human kind analog all based on Tolkien books mixed in intelligent use of stupidity BRAVO MAN STAND TALL GOD BLESS THE HUMAN RACE
  4. well i like the creation myth in Tolkien similarities to catholic angels and such and still weary different hmm there where some Arab like pea-pol who work together with the orcs
  5. put it simple the more complex a game the more mature it is like take candy crush towards skyrim pack man towards baldurs gate and well its about the stories the battles the adventures and the lable matures is just to hit parents if its something they want their kidz to play
  6. well umm i might steal some and then steal some more and well i like to do good things too and well just be provoking npc
  7. Q1: when can i buy this hawt game on steam its already 2014 .. happy new-year all Q2: what would you suggest i eat and drink when i can play this hawt game Q3: can i have a harem of companion females XD yehehehe ? Q4:have your newyears eve been great . i hope it have and again i hope you guys find love enough
  8. ahh well you know all kids when thy young need a good night story song so here is mine. long time ago in a far far away there was this single day ey? but then all it feel from a tiny flower petestel. may, may it go to hell but hes might soul would so hold oh hold the flow did not cry and even so at night hey? hey ? whats this flower ey good night .
  9. Long time agoe in a far far far far away hamlet the was a darknes so dark it was acturly so dark all what one could see was darkness , well hmm yes as you know it was wery dark so our hero whent after this evilnes darkness and what he did yes what he did was amazing he made the darkness he turned the darknes away and good wery good things started happening so well i dont understand you young adventures that you asking me whre ther is evil about but i know this guy who live around, hmm around the dark shadowy woods deepinside its dark embrace hes a weary dark person so he should know what you l
  10. just it im sure you get the ending one deserv P:E im sure is complex at that like happy ending for companions not only one self hmm ?
  11. the evil hook tot laid death in-front of velmondes velmondes sword was in hooktots evil heart velmonde in strong manor puled swiftly his sword out of hooktots chest hooktots eyes open slowly and he gave out a scream that died when he came to live velmon started to run backword to his noble steed when he was neer his horse he made a backward flip and landed in his saddle the noble horse started up slowly but then faster in to a gallop darted back towards in to the dark forest velmonde now could see where the evil hooktot was heiding he tok his hand to hes eyes to better see to see where hooktot
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