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  1. Also alot of the stuff is named in Eir Glanfathan, like a lot of things in American are named from Native American words.
  2. An idea of what the names are like would be good, even if they make references to real life. Like from what I remember the Aedyr have Anglo-Saxon and Scottish names and the Vallians have Italian names, but I don't know about any of the others.
  3. I don't care for spell queues, unless I'm spamming because I'm bored with the combat or in a rush or it's really easy. I'd rather pause and issue commands per turn.
  4. I thought the Witcher 2 had a great authentically medieval aesthetic, which was what they were trying to do. Which isn't generic fantasy, because hardly any games get the medieval setting right; while the Witcher got pretty close, generic fantasy is like Oblivion, Dragons Dogma or WoW.
  5. I know Tolkien orcs were based on the Roman (Late Imperial) perspective of the Huns. No one really knows where the Huns came from or if they were even a singular group. The image of vicious inhuman barbarian invaders that seemingly popped into existence out of holes from the ground is pretty much the Roman view of Huns. I think the rest of the DnD/Fantasy image of orcs comes from the extrapolations of that and other barbarian tribes the Romans (Byzantines) dealt with, like the Bulgars, or they base them on the European/American accounts of the Zulus or Native Americans.
  6. Take these "worst parts of the Project" away and what does it leave you? Humans? Oceans and meadows? That's a cliche rip-off too. Just go and play Tides of Numenera instead if you're not into classic fantasy, geez. (why did you back the game in the first place?) Obsidian: "Hey, guys we want to make a game like the old IE games, such as BG and IWD!" *4 Million Backer Dollars Later* Backers: "Ugh, why is it like Forgotten Realms!? I hate that stuff!"
  7. DAI has promise, from what I've seen, I'm interested in it even though the past BioWare games for the past five years have ranged from mediocre to really bad. If it's good, I'll be happy, because there'd be at least a hope that the old BioWare is still there (though, in retrospect, you could see how they've gotten where they are now with some of the stuff in their older games.) And the Mass Effect trilogy got worse and worse to the point where I don't even like ME1 anymore. Like; in the ME2 marketing they liked to compare it to the Original Trilogy for Star Wars. But really it was more like the prequel trilogy, with ME1 being Sith; a good game that is a little lack luster but still quality, ME2 being the Phantom Menace; a stupid as hell, utterly pointless to the main plot game, but enjoyable if you turn your brain off, and with ME3 being Attack of the Clones; bad and insultingly stupid (and I'm not talking about the ending, that entire game was AotC level stupid all the way through).
  8. Yeah, I mean, drawing an arbitrary line like "Elves partially based on Native Americans are acceptable, while anything that looks like an Orc/Goblin/Halfling/Gnome is unacceptable and unoriginal." Because "Elves = Celtic Native Americans" as never been done before, ever. You guys need to have more trust in the worldbuilding abilities of Obsidian, I'm sure if they wanted to add Orcs/Goblings/Haflings/Gnomes they'd do a good job on making them more original and unique, like they're doing with the elves. I think just breaking the fantasy trope of "Race = Culture" (which they're doing with PoE), without making them just an odd exception, goes a long way in making a typical fantasy race more original; and if they can do it with elves and dwarves, (even humans), why can't do they do it with Orcs?
  9. I'd like to see all the companions before I make a party, I don't want to use any of the custom ones, and would like to build around the story companions.
  10. My standards for BioWare games has crashed since ME2, but DAI looks like it might be the best BioWare game since Origin. Just by the sheer virtue of not being DA2 or ME3.
  11. They looked fine, it's just that they were portraits of people that weren't all super-attractive. Quite the mustache Odema has there. He grew it out after that picture was painted.
  12. Ahhh, just like Mario and Peach. I see. I guess Link just gapes at her all the time for absolutely no reason. Link's a patriot, he doesn't need sex, he needs Hyrule.
  13. I don't get why orcs have to be tribal savages. They could be bureaucratic savages, like the vogons from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
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