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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, so this is what happened to me: after completing adventure 3-6 and the scenario I went to examine my party, since lem didn't get credit I wanted to see which one he missed. While doing so I Removed poog from the party, accidently. I then went to read him from the pool of existing characters (not a new character). Only to find that while he retained his role specialization, he had lost his power upgrade for that specialization. (culinarian was not selected). Which I thought was odd. I loaded up another adventure to finish lem out and get his role upgrade. Then I noticed that Poog's deck was reset to the original starter deck for him. Which was also quite odd. Now it appears that I have lost all of Poogs cards and 1 power upgrade. (although all his skill upgrades are present) So This is what I did to verify this. I returned to main menu and started a different game, a solo ezren. I removed ezran from the party then added him back. He seemed ok. I then added the existing poog. Still messed up, all start deck and missing a power upgrade. I then removed both ezren and poog and added the existing Ranzak (from the same party as poog and he was sill in that party, but not locked in the existing character screen) and he had all his powers and skill upgrades, but when I went to examine his deck the game locks up because he has no deck. the numbers of cards required won't load nor will his deck list , nor will the stash. The screen is locked and app must be restarted. I believe the issue to be storing goblin character data after an exisiting goblin character is removed from an active party. It seems like their decklist gets set to null or something. I think ransack retained his extra power because I didn't remove ranzak from the party until after I had played an adventure with him in with is klypto role. ( I immidately removed poog from the party after he got his hash slinger role)
  2. Hi all, Since the Goblin character alts are all stronger than the original characters they are modeled on, I developed and play with the following house rule in my Rise of the Runelords campaign: No more than half of your party can consist of Goblin characters. Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think! I think it makes the game more challenging and fun. P.S. Incidentally, I think it works thematically too.....the relatively closed minded people of the Sword Coast don't trust parties of more than half Goblins to be their saviors....
  3. Playing the Goblin path, with Poog, Raznak, G.Ezren, G.Valeros. iPad mini iOS 10.3.2 App version VER-1017-20170802 Pass & Play = Off Permadeath = Off Improved Find Traps * Only works on own checks. Should be playable on anyones check vs barrier Blessing of Zongal / Dance of Sneally Zord * Does not provide 2d on check vs Sneally. Should do as Sneally has animal trait Raznak evade * Raznak evade sometimes evades to himself. Power wording is any other character Raznak evade vs Sherriff Hemlock * Raznak and G.Valeros are together. Raznak encounters Sherriff Hemlock and successfully evades before Sherriff Hemlock's Before You Act check. Valeros encounters Sherriff Hemlock and goes directly to combat skipping Sherriff Hemlock's Before You Act check. There are others I found, will add more as I remember them, find them again
  4. Noticed a few weird display glitches while navigating the collection window in the 1.2.7 release on iOS. Anyone else seeing similar issues? Visiting Collection -> Adventures, then switching over to the Rise of the Goblins DLC - Decks one and five are highlighted. Clicking on other deck numbers doesn't seem to do anything. Visiting Collection -> Cards, then switching over to the Rise of the Goblins DLC - Only Deck P is available, cannot click on other decks to see the new Goblins cards. - There are two "arrow buttons" to switch between campaigns sets, and two layers of graphics they toggle. - Only one of the those arrows does something. The other just toggles a graphic. I started a Goblins campaign to see if there was any difference while in a scenario, and the collection window was still behaving odd. The Steam edition was exhibiting similar issues, which initially led me to check out iOS to see if was platform related.
  5. Hi all, I just realized orcs, goblins and halflings weren't going to be part of this game. While I don't necessarily criticize this design decision, I was wondering what would you lose by adding them at least at character creation? They are at this point pretty much as "classic" as dwarves and elves in fantasy settings so why do you guys think they did not include them? Also, anyone knows if these races are out of this game or out of this universe entirely?
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