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  1. Ok, so this is what happened to me: after completing adventure 3-6 and the scenario I went to examine my party, since lem didn't get credit I wanted to see which one he missed. While doing so I Removed poog from the party, accidently. I then went to read him from the pool of existing characters (not a new character). Only to find that while he retained his role specialization, he had lost his power upgrade for that specialization. (culinarian was not selected). Which I thought was odd. I loaded up another adventure to finish lem out and get his role upgrade. Then I noticed that Poog's d
  2. Just recently came back to this game after the iPhone release. I've got several playthroughs (up to adventure 4) under my belt with parties of varying size. The biggest disagreement I have with what has previously been said is Harsk. Harsk is wonderful in a group of pretty much any size. It is true that on paper his main ability is inversely proportional to his party size, but in reality you have to really consider what you've done in a party where every character needs Harsk's boost. 1d4+X is clutch for some characters( looking at you Lem) but useless for others (Amani). So you really
  3. Here is a review: http://www.geekinsider.com/pathfinder-adventures-paizo-obsidian/
  4. The game is emulating the release of content, as it was released by paizo. To a degree. obv we have adventure 2 right now. I feel like if we had multiplayer the experience might be a little different. Comparing this game to other RPGs is a little unfair as this game is a better fit into the category of LCG, although it isn't branded as that. Therefore the lack of content up front is not a design flaw, but by design. Also, you can pay nothing for this game. Nothing. The game has been out for less than two weeks and I have already unlocked all the main characters, both adventures, and
  5. That's cool! just doesn't seem like its how you'd want this to work. Yeah 'exploit' might be a little harsh, but it is a scenario that can give players an advantage and isn't something you can do with the paper game. I was using the example I had, but this can happen with any card, including ones that come from chests. which diminishes their appeal, and indirectly gold sales. idk, just seems like if I have 1 in the vault I shouldn't be able to eventually get 4 copies of it on a single character. (which this behavior allows) Thank you for the reply, glad this is working as intended!
  6. Mission accomplished. I won't try to emulate your epic retelling, but I will say we had difficulty in the same places. I'd like to know how you developed lem on the other thread. I made some decisions I kind of regret.
  7. Ok, again, sorry if this is a duplicate post. I did search the forums first. this is another exploit I found. I have a 4 character group that i'm taking through story mode. i'm I currently in the middle of skinsaw on normal, but they were boring me so I wanted a new character. I dropped out Kyra, Harsk, and Seoni, and just went with Meri to farm Poison Pill on legendary. (she can do it faster on her own) Ok so while farming on my 4th or 5th run I ran across an ally I already had with Seoni. (Father Z !!) So I was immediately worried I lost father z and all of Seoni's other cards. But
  8. OH yeah, The wildcards in play were Blessing deck - 5 and boons are +3 harder to acquire. If that matters.
  9. Pretty serious graphic bug. if not an outright cheat. I searched forums but I didnt' find anything like this mentioned elsewhere. sorry if its a duplicate post. I didn't leave my game state in an invalid or cheating setup because i'm afraid of corrupting the game state some how, but this could be exploited to make the game easier. On an android device(unknown flavor) With Harsk in the woods and Meri in the General Store doing the scenario "Local Heroes" on hardest Setting(Legendary?) I went to discard a Blessing of Erastil on Hark. While I was dragging the blessing from his hand (had the
  10. I picked someone who could handle Allies because I found that both Meri and Kyra had issues recruiting them. Between Lem and Seoni, I picked Seoni: only because I play Lem so much in the paper game. I have had no regrets, she is somewhat of a glass cannon at first, but with a little optimization I haven't had much of a problem keeping her alive. Having Father Z to give her right away was a huge benefit. If you do go with her, don't be afraid to chug potions early and often. My second character pickup was Harsk. I felt I needed a weapon guy role and again, he's someone I haven't played
  11. i'm pretty jealous you managed this already. Lem is my absolute favorite character, <3<3<3 and my goto in the paper game. but .. i'm ashamed to say I didn't buy him first. I wanted to try characters I don't normally play. BUT as soon as I have another 1500 gp i'll pickup Lem and join you in the Legendary Lem club!
  12. I've only finished dangers of the lost coast, and I just finished burnt offerings on normal. So my opinion is limited to that. Move restrictions are a good add they make it fun and definitely make you think about how you're going to close them down, AND make you re-evaluate things like "I know the villain is the next card, so i'm going to close all the rest out first" maybe not if you have to burn 3 turns to get back to that spot. So , as someone already said the combo of "cards are harder to acquire" and "whenever you fail to acquire burn a blessing" is rough... extremely hard for the o
  13. Another bug. On my first play through on normal mode, the rogue died on the last adventure "black fangs dungeon" . The priest lived and got the skill up , the rogue did not. I thought that on subsequent runs that option would become available, but I have now beat all of the original adventure path adventures on all 3 difficulties with both the original 2 characters and now with a third character. The third character got her skill feat, but the rogue has not. It appears as if she got credit for completing that adventure, (I got to pick a boon of any type for her) but not for the adventu
  14. Bump, this happened to me just now as well. Poison Pill, the Alley location. I selected cure spell to use on seeoni (sp?) with the cleric (who's name I won't even try to spell) I hit the wrong picture on the character select screen, so I hit X on the left side of screen. Then same deal as above, couldn't do anything to get back to the cure spell, it was just stuck in center of screen. I tried to explore again (discard blessing) an ally flipped over and my cure spell desolved right before my eyes!! just like I had failed to aquire it. finished the scenario, and checked deck, sure enoug
  15. So, I have a slightly different strategy. I'm not too concerned about the character pack atm because I will probably end up throwing them a couple of dollars at some point, at least as a thank you for this game. So that would cover most of it. I've already settled on picking up a third character first. Sitting on about 2k gp atm. My only question is, who do you all think it should be?
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