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  1. Ok, so this is what happened to me: after completing adventure 3-6 and the scenario I went to examine my party, since lem didn't get credit I wanted to see which one he missed. While doing so I Removed poog from the party, accidently. I then went to read him from the pool of existing characters (not a new character). Only to find that while he retained his role specialization, he had lost his power upgrade for that specialization. (culinarian was not selected). Which I thought was odd. I loaded up another adventure to finish lem out and get his role upgrade. Then I noticed that Poog's deck was reset to the original starter deck for him. Which was also quite odd. Now it appears that I have lost all of Poogs cards and 1 power upgrade. (although all his skill upgrades are present) So This is what I did to verify this. I returned to main menu and started a different game, a solo ezren. I removed ezran from the party then added him back. He seemed ok. I then added the existing poog. Still messed up, all start deck and missing a power upgrade. I then removed both ezren and poog and added the existing Ranzak (from the same party as poog and he was sill in that party, but not locked in the existing character screen) and he had all his powers and skill upgrades, but when I went to examine his deck the game locks up because he has no deck. the numbers of cards required won't load nor will his deck list , nor will the stash. The screen is locked and app must be restarted. I believe the issue to be storing goblin character data after an exisiting goblin character is removed from an active party. It seems like their decklist gets set to null or something. I think ransack retained his extra power because I didn't remove ranzak from the party until after I had played an adventure with him in with is klypto role. ( I immidately removed poog from the party after he got his hash slinger role)
  2. Just recently came back to this game after the iPhone release. I've got several playthroughs (up to adventure 4) under my belt with parties of varying size. The biggest disagreement I have with what has previously been said is Harsk. Harsk is wonderful in a group of pretty much any size. It is true that on paper his main ability is inversely proportional to his party size, but in reality you have to really consider what you've done in a party where every character needs Harsk's boost. 1d4+X is clutch for some characters( looking at you Lem) but useless for others (Amani). So you really aren't using it too much of the time. In my latest party he goes after the bard and druid , because those 2 are usually the ones that need help most frequently, the other 3 rarely need anything. Although it does take some planning to get ful optimization. I find myself pitching items that I know he will not need on his next check, for buffs and if I find I pitched something I need I simply move to a different area. I find moving him and seelah around each other to be great. Harsk can find the dull short swords for seelah to bury, but keep her from shipping that +2 longsword. Being highly mobile is the key to maximizing party utility- and getting people to the places they need to be to perform their best. Harsk enables and embodies this better than most. Also I find that he is definitely the (lower part of the) top tier of holding his own in combat. Once he is decked out in all magic weapons I never consider using a blessing for him on any but the strongest enemies (where in all honesty I would feel very unease about even sending Amani in without backup) Picking the right allies, items and card upgrades is pretty important as well, because you do need to stack dex for combat, but with the right support mix nothing else is really much of a problem. On legendary, depending on wildcards, the math does get dicey sometimes, but that is the point of legendary. knowing when to not waste some resources on a half-hearted long shot combat and just burying an armor is helpful in this regard as well. The biggest problem I've found with Harsk is that he really cannot get through a location deck in a timely fashion. (with the above loadout) but that isn't really his job. much like I've learned with the other characters, if you think harsk is weak you are probably playing him wrong. I know that I had written the monk off until I saw him in capable hands in a tabletop pickup game. That made me re-evaluate how I was thinking about his role in the party. I consider the monk the most difficult Lem Is super versatile, but how you develop him is very group dependent. His power is undeniable, but very tricky to optimize because of the versatility. Combat is never going to be great for him, without a lot of focus at the expense of other options. I find that trade off to be too much. ymmv. Lem is my favorite character, imo he really is the best all-arounder. a couple of the other characters can blow through their decks quickly, but for them its all about pacing. Knowing when to go and when slow down. In general I find that when i'm doing everything right, and the rng isn't too deviated, no one gets in a situation where they "NEED" a cure spell. (lots of recharging and incidental topping off, but I consider that doing everything right.) The real difficulty of a character doesn't come In knowing how to play them (monk aside) but in knowing how to best utilize their skills in your current party makeup. How do they slot in to the rest of the group. Some characters this is very strait forward others it is not. That is likely why Harsk / Lem get credited as less desirable. Disclaimer, I've never played Val, experience with ezren is limited to card version. current team is brd, dru, rng, sor, brb.pal
  3. Here is a review: http://www.geekinsider.com/pathfinder-adventures-paizo-obsidian/
  4. The game is emulating the release of content, as it was released by paizo. To a degree. obv we have adventure 2 right now. I feel like if we had multiplayer the experience might be a little different. Comparing this game to other RPGs is a little unfair as this game is a better fit into the category of LCG, although it isn't branded as that. Therefore the lack of content up front is not a design flaw, but by design. Also, you can pay nothing for this game. Nothing. The game has been out for less than two weeks and I have already unlocked all the main characters, both adventures, and i'm very close to the character add on pack. I gave them 2 dollars (after having unlocked all the content I currently have) because I enjoy the game so much. and I feel that is somewhat insulting based on the time/enjoyment I've got from the game. So I think its a matter of apples and oranges, and I think the discrepancy comes from the modelling of a LCG into an online platform. Where content release of this nature isn't really the norm. Similar parallels could be drawn with Hearthstone, and I actually think its a closer comparison. As both are modeled on card games. (yes there is not paper version of hearthstone, but it is is clearly following the tcg game model) The TCG model is so ubiquitous, anyone playing hearthstone knows what to expect. The LCG model has never really caught on , in terms of popularity. (as far as I can tell) So the wisdom of choosing that model to base the digital port on is maybe something to discuss, but then that makes the conversation about the choices that obsidian has made in regards to how they will market this product instead of about how obsidian isn't delivering a finished product, which I feel is an inaccurate statement at best. Now if we want to talk about bugs on the other hand........ but to their credit they got a patch out very quickly and it cleared up a lot of issues. And they are very responsive to bug reports, so that's promising.
  5. That's cool! just doesn't seem like its how you'd want this to work. Yeah 'exploit' might be a little harsh, but it is a scenario that can give players an advantage and isn't something you can do with the paper game. I was using the example I had, but this can happen with any card, including ones that come from chests. which diminishes their appeal, and indirectly gold sales. idk, just seems like if I have 1 in the vault I shouldn't be able to eventually get 4 copies of it on a single character. (which this behavior allows) Thank you for the reply, glad this is working as intended!
  6. Mission accomplished. I won't try to emulate your epic retelling, but I will say we had difficulty in the same places. I'd like to know how you developed lem on the other thread. I made some decisions I kind of regret.
  7. Ok, again, sorry if this is a duplicate post. I did search the forums first. this is another exploit I found. I have a 4 character group that i'm taking through story mode. i'm I currently in the middle of skinsaw on normal, but they were boring me so I wanted a new character. I dropped out Kyra, Harsk, and Seoni, and just went with Meri to farm Poison Pill on legendary. (she can do it faster on her own) Ok so while farming on my 4th or 5th run I ran across an ally I already had with Seoni. (Father Z !!) So I was immediately worried I lost father z and all of Seoni's other cards. But no... I checked and now both Meri and Seoni have a copy of Father Z, however there is only 1 copy of Father Z in the vault. Issue, When you are calculating what cards can come from the vault to create a location deck, you are not taking into account the quantities currently held by other "experienced players" in their current decks in the experienced player pool. I think Those should be blocked out, however I dont' think that you are locking experienced characters per story save. This is an issue because now it become more complicated on tracking which cards to lock out and when. I would expect each new story to start with a clean vault. (ie, if sioni has a unique card in story 1, I can still get it with Lem on story 2). But I can drag "experienced" characters from one story save to another. So in theory I could end up with any number of , Father z for example. I can drop an experienced character out of one Story save, back to the experienced pool then pick up that character in the same story, or in another story save.... But at the same time, when I start a new story I would expect all the cards in my vault available for characters on that save regardless of what my other story characters have in their deck. So the solution is more complicated than just "check experienced pool player decks before making location decks" i'm not sure how you will ever calculate the correct number of cards that could be available at any one time. Perhaps this is a feature and there is always the very real likelihood I don't understand the relationship between the game mechanics that you all are trying for, but it seems like an exploit to me.
  8. OH yeah, The wildcards in play were Blessing deck - 5 and boons are +3 harder to acquire. If that matters.
  9. Pretty serious graphic bug. if not an outright cheat. I searched forums but I didnt' find anything like this mentioned elsewhere. sorry if its a duplicate post. I didn't leave my game state in an invalid or cheating setup because i'm afraid of corrupting the game state some how, but this could be exploited to make the game easier. On an android device(unknown flavor) With Harsk in the woods and Meri in the General Store doing the scenario "Local Heroes" on hardest Setting(Legendary?) I went to discard a Blessing of Erastil on Hark. While I was dragging the blessing from his hand (had the card selected and dragging ) I then selected Meri's portrait from my group (she is position 1, harsk is position 4) I was then able to drag my finger back into Meri's hand, and drop the blessing of Erastil into her hand. Effectively passing cards from one character to another in different zones, for free whenever I want. I've done this with every card in each of their hands. when you select the different character, the card that has focus, and is being dragged has visibility = false, however it is still on the cursor, so if I don't pickup my finger i was dragging it with, I can mouse over the inactive characters hand and release the press (mouse up??) and drop into their hand. Looks like when you change party focus you need to reset the active card back into the previous character's hand, not just set visible =false. Or something like that.
  10. I picked someone who could handle Allies because I found that both Meri and Kyra had issues recruiting them. Between Lem and Seoni, I picked Seoni: only because I play Lem so much in the paper game. I have had no regrets, she is somewhat of a glass cannon at first, but with a little optimization I haven't had much of a problem keeping her alive. Having Father Z to give her right away was a huge benefit. If you do go with her, don't be afraid to chug potions early and often. My second character pickup was Harsk. I felt I needed a weapon guy role and again, he's someone I haven't played with paper. He appeals to me so much more now. He is such a tank. WIth a crowbar, thieves tools and Elivish boots or spyglass and he can take down pretty much any location I send him to. The Only time he lets me down in combat is when I really need him to succeed. (henchmen, temp closes, etc) But I feel that's just bad luck more than his lower dex die. WIth a few + 1 weapons and i'm routinely rolling ( 1d8 + 1d10 or 2d8) + 6. and that bonus, usually, gets him there even on poor roles. His average rolls are so good, that I think i'm overestimating his ability when I really need a success, but I might just be being stingy with my blessings. Both his abilities are great. being able to do 1d4+1 to another character( like kyra or meri when neither of them have a weapon and you've just got to go for it) is huge.
  11. i'm pretty jealous you managed this already. Lem is my absolute favorite character, <3<3<3 and my goto in the paper game. but .. i'm ashamed to say I didn't buy him first. I wanted to try characters I don't normally play. BUT as soon as I have another 1500 gp i'll pickup Lem and join you in the Legendary Lem club!
  12. I've only finished dangers of the lost coast, and I just finished burnt offerings on normal. So my opinion is limited to that. Move restrictions are a good add they make it fun and definitely make you think about how you're going to close them down, AND make you re-evaluate things like "I know the villain is the next card, so i'm going to close all the rest out first" maybe not if you have to burn 3 turns to get back to that spot. So , as someone already said the combo of "cards are harder to acquire" and "whenever you fail to acquire burn a blessing" is rough... extremely hard for the original 2 characters. (I find they just can't get allies very easily, or maybe it was my bad luck. Lots of guards and troubadours, but nothing else) . The wildcard that "whenever you acquire a blessing / ally, bury a card" that one can make things harder than it might look. Its deceptive. It really stops you from chain exploring off boon acquisitions which is a whole strategy of certain character builds. - 5 blessings puts the screws on a party of 4+ pretty good too. The other wildcards; things are harder to acquire by 2, harder to defeat by 2. They make it difficult but not terribly so. Most monsters you run across need something like 8-11 base so 10-13 with that power out. A good roll with just a good weapon / spell for seoni/ harsk/ meri is upwards of 15 kyra is reliably in the teens too, but a little lower, (even when they aren't undead) ; before blessings. So those change my appraisal of what boons to use in combat slightly, but not by much. Getting both of those seems to be the easiest wild card pairing. I got some pretty lucky pulls in the first adventures, ended up with +1 weapons , magic armor, Father Z(burned 2 blessings to ensure I got him!) couple other named allies by the time I was on legendary. my decks were pretty well top of the basic pile, imo. I lost on legendary a couple of times, always from running out of time. especially poison pill. Some of that could be my play style, I could have done better but I definitely found legendary challenging the first time I hit it. RIght now my opinion is legendary is plenty hard. I find myself losing a good number of times. if you want to make them harder, leave the wildcard for boons at +2; move the enemy wildcard to +3. Other than that leave them alone. If you want to make the scenario's tougher modify the adventure rules ( for example in poision pill on legendary all traps are +3 to disable. Stuff like that) Otherwise you could always add 1 more monster to each of the locations... that would greatly increase the difficulty I think. But that might be more manipulation to the game than you are willing to do? When you start tweaking the location decks it really messes with the game balance. We tried that to make the game harder for us (paper version) we found just one extra monster/ barrier per deck and we consistently ran out of time. EDIT: now that i'm doing Burnt offerings on hardest difficulty I can definitely say it is plenty hard. As of right now, my win / loss ratio is pretty lopsided. Then again I might just be a newb.
  13. Another bug. On my first play through on normal mode, the rogue died on the last adventure "black fangs dungeon" . The priest lived and got the skill up , the rogue did not. I thought that on subsequent runs that option would become available, but I have now beat all of the original adventure path adventures on all 3 difficulties with both the original 2 characters and now with a third character. The third character got her skill feat, but the rogue has not. It appears as if she got credit for completing that adventure, (I got to pick a boon of any type for her) but not for the adventure path.
  14. Bump, this happened to me just now as well. Poison Pill, the Alley location. I selected cure spell to use on seeoni (sp?) with the cleric (who's name I won't even try to spell) I hit the wrong picture on the character select screen, so I hit X on the left side of screen. Then same deal as above, couldn't do anything to get back to the cure spell, it was just stuck in center of screen. I tried to explore again (discard blessing) an ally flipped over and my cure spell desolved right before my eyes!! just like I had failed to aquire it. finished the scenario, and checked deck, sure enough it is gone gone. going to have to farm that academy now.
  15. So, I have a slightly different strategy. I'm not too concerned about the character pack atm because I will probably end up throwing them a couple of dollars at some point, at least as a thank you for this game. So that would cover most of it. I've already settled on picking up a third character first. Sitting on about 2k gp atm. My only question is, who do you all think it should be?
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