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  1. oh wow a dev response . thinking it over, i sure did say something really bad from a dev standpoint (i like this game! but im not gonna pay for it!) but as someone who has no disposable income atm, i appreciate that you guys made this game entirely accessible to people like us hopefully in the future when i am better off, the game will still be up and i can finally contribute my share that being said, thanks for the all insight guys! always like it when the community can come together (even for f2pers like me) p/s: and sorry for all the emojis. just discovered it
  2. after much deliberation, im gonna save up for AD2 (at 1.7k now). but was wondering, as feats only unlock when you complete a scenario, would replaying the scenario later once i have myself a third character unlock their feats as well or do i need to play a new storyline?
  3. As a wholly f2p player i would like to ask you guys on what should be the optimum buy path using ingame gold only? Atm i've already bought and played through AD1 and am sitting at 1k gold. Should i: 1) save up for a new character? and if yes, who? Seoni? [1.5k] 2) save up for AD2 (Skinsaw Murders)? [4k] 3) save up for the character add-on deck? [10k] I am leaning towards Seoni atm, but hey if you guys think otherwise i'd like to hear it :D
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