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  1. I too have Bigger Ransack and it stopped working with the latest update. Will being stopping playing until the next bug fix ( Really hate how each new version breaks stuff that used to work fine. Guys, regression testing is a good thing!!
  2. Just completed the Valerios path on normal. Was awarded the final 250, however not awarded the 5000gp for Adventure path completion. Party: (All goblin skins) bard, sorcerer, paladin and fighter Playing on iPad mini 4, ios 10.3.3
  3. I just reproduced the same error. Same location User Matsu Kurisu #2721 Party = G.Seoni, G.Kyra, G.Harsk, G.Amri G.Harsk went +1 Ally, G.Amri went +1 Blessing G.Amri not able to get a blessing from Collection. G.Harsk can get Ally from Collection
  4. Latest version Playing scenario G1.1 Successfully defeat both checks on Eat bag of Slugs. Text says on defeated, recharge a random card from discard pile. Have 3 cards in discard, none is recharged
  5. I installed iOS version VER-1017-20170807 two days ago. On the App store, it said the release notes were in the Announcements forum. None have been posted Has anyone been able to work out what was actually fixed? Thanks
  6. Additional variation on this bug Playing the Goblin path, with G.Mieserial, G.Lini, G.Ezren, G.Seelah. iPad mini iOS 10.3.2 App version VER-1017-20170807 Pass & Play = Off Permadeath = Off Scenario Goblin 1.2 G.Ezren encountered the Longshanks Barrier. Evaded one Longshank, defeated two. G.Seelah was at a closed location, so did not face. G.Ezren then explored again, encountering a Bunyip. Failed the BYA check so difficulty should be +1 = 10. Actual difficulty = 18 (+1 Bunyip BYA, +4 Lonshanks error#1, +4 Lonshanks error#2) Every other time I have had the +4 Lonshanks
  7. If you are tossing up between Characters or Adventures, buy the Adventures first. More content = More fun ) More characters on same content, gives variety but not as much fun
  8. Playing the Goblin path, with Poog, Raznak, G.Ezren, G.Valeros. iPad mini iOS 10.3.2 App version VER-1017-20170807 Pass & Play = Off Permadeath = Off Scenario Goblin 1.5 - Longshank difficulty to defeat increases by 1 for each long shank defeated I found the same bug. Active Character encountered the Longshanks Barrier - all characters encounter a Longshanks. First character encounters a Longshank, random roll = Difficulty increases by 4. D=14. Kills the longshank Next character encounters a Longshank, no random roll (not sure if this is a bug or as designed). D=19. Expected it to b
  9. So managed to get things working! Trick is you have to have moved some cards from the character to Stash and have a card type selected on the character BEFORE you go the collection. Time to restart Goblins with the propper basic cards e.g. Lightning for Ezren, Bludgioning for Valeros etc )
  10. Playing the Goblin path, with Poog, Raznak, G.Ezren, G.Valeros. iPad mini iOS 10.3.2 App version VER-1017-20170802 Pass & Play = Off Permadeath = Off Improved Find Traps * Only works on own checks. Should be playable on anyones check vs barrier Blessing of Zongal / Dance of Sneally Zord * Does not provide 2d on check vs Sneally. Should do as Sneally has animal trait Raznak evade * Raznak evade sometimes evades to himself. Power wording is any other character Raznak evade vs Sherriff Hemlock * Raznak and G.Valeros are together. Raznak encounters Sherriff Hemlock and successfully e
  11. Thanks for responding. How can I sell from stash? If I select a card in stash it expands however there is no option to salvage ( Do I have to drag the card somewhere? Have you tried selling a card in the latest version? I think there might be a bug
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