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Where are the patch notes for version VER-1017-20170807

Matsu Kurisu


I installed iOS version VER-1017-20170807 two days ago. On the App store, it said the release notes were in the Announcements forum.

None have been posted

Has anyone been able to work out what was actually fixed?



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Playing with

iPad mini 4th Gen iOS 10.3.3

Primary party


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According to the iOS App Store, the latest patch:

Fixed some card and UI text.


Looks to be mostly a patch to clean up wording on a handful of goblin cards.  Nothing big, but the text is a little clearer and more consistent with other cards in the game.


A few of the goblins cards that got amended included:

Maester Grump

Mayor Kendra Deverin

Ameiko Kaijitsu


Burn Everything

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