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  1. Ethics Gradient's post in Missing Halloween challenge rewards was marked as the answer   
    You'll have to email your request to support@obsidian.net.  I don't believe the developers have been cruising the pathfinder forums very frequently these days.
    Sadly, some of the challenges are bugged.  You probably got a treasure chest or two instead of the spooky dice.
  2. Ethics Gradient's post in Asmodde account cancels steam DLCs? was marked as the answer   
    The way the game does multi-platform stuff, the Asmodee account seems to cause problems more often than not.  It is generally better to manually link platforms by clicking on your account then "Link Devices".
    On whichever platform you have the saves you care about the most you click "Link Devices" then pick a target.  Those codes are then entered into the target platform with the "Enter a Link Code" button.  For example, link iOS to Android, then iOS to Steam.
    Once you do that, it should merge all the DLC content you own into one account.  The Asmodee-only link does do some cross-play functions, but seems to have issues resolving new steam content.
    While it should work just fine, it is recommended that you copy down your account information before each merge.  In each version of the game, go to "Options" --> "Settings" and make a note of the PFID number at the bottom of the screen.  Should you have issues, support@obsidian.net will sort you out.  Having the PFIDs handy will speed up the process a little if there is a need to investigate the original accounts and what happened during the merge.
  3. Ethics Gradient's post in Unexpected Behavior [Card Interaction] was marked as the answer   
    That's actually a weird and easily-reproducible bug...  I'm not sure why it happens.  As I poke at some of the internals for the cards, the Splash cards are indeed lacking the Attack trait, and the Amulet shouldn't be scripted to block their use.
    That being said, even though the cards lack the Attack trait, it appears to be an oversight.  Other cards with a similar set of powers (e.g. AD1 Fiery Weapon or AD2 Heat Metal) are considered Attack spells.  It's possible the issued you found is some combination of bug and typo, but the overall result is still in keeping with the intended mechanics of the game.
  4. Ethics Gradient's post in How do I use a Charm? was marked as the answer   
    During a scenario, click the Backpack icon in the bottom-right of the screen.  
    That should pop up a window displaying all the consumable items the party has at their disposal.
  5. Ethics Gradient's post in Bug: Card list per category are being swapped was marked as the answer   
    The changes you noted sound exactly like what would happen if you change a character's equipment set.  The alternate "costumes" you can chose are more than cosmetic, they offer slight variations in how characters play.  
    From the Map, go to Manage Party.  As you flip through the different equipment sets for your party members, you can see there are a couple minor changes on both the Skills and Cards List tabs.
    A quick rundown of the alternate costumes and their changes can be found over on this thread:
    [Review & Ratings of the Character Alts]
  6. Ethics Gradient's post in Character is locked even after I've disbanded EVERY PARTY! was marked as the answer   
    Assuming everything is ok on the server, a delete and reinstall on iOS would pull down a fresh set of syncs.
    Steam is a little trickier.  You need to figure out where it is hiding on your platform and delete/rename the PACG1_SAVE_GAMES folder.
    For instance, on Mac, its buried in:
    username/Library/Application Support/unity.Obsidian Entertainment.Pathfinder Adventures
    The file that should be causing you the most grief is the "vault" file.  That's the local repository for your characters.  You can possibly just try to rename/delete that first without having to mess with the entire save directory.  Once you're online, the character vault should be rebuilt from data on the server.
  7. Ethics Gradient's post in Zombie Giant doesn't have the giant trait was marked as the answer   
    Zombie Giant is another one of those cards with.... history.  Not a bug; just could have been done better.

  8. Ethics Gradient's post in Problem using Archer Ally was marked as the answer   
    Archer is somewhat working properly.  This is one of the cases where you need to be careful and pay attention to the "roll optimizer."
    When Merisiel plays a Light Crossbow, it uses her Dexterity for the combat check: d12(dex) + d8(l.crossbow)
    When she plays an additional Archer, the game reads through the card and thinks, "ok, I think we need to switch this to a Ranged attack!"  Since Mersiel doesn't explicitly have that skill, the check changes to: d4(ranged)+d8(l.crossbow)+d4(ranger)
    However, you should be able to just tap on the check type in the top-center of the screen and change it back to a dexterity roll.  From a rules-lawyering standpoint, regardless of whether or not a character has or uses the Ranged Skill, the act of playing a weapon with the Ranged Trait turns it into a Ranged Check.  The wording on the Archer card is loose enough that applies to any Ranged combat check, not just just combat checks that use the Ranged Skill.
    The creator of the tabletop game explained as much here.
  9. Ethics Gradient's post in BUG: Blessing of the Gods was marked as the answer   
    The BotG is simply copying the Blessing of Lamashtu visible as the top card on blessings deck.  It is giving you the ability to:
    "Discard this card to add 1 die to any check. Bury this card to add 2 dice to any check to defeat a monster."
    If you tap on the Blessings Deck, there should also be an option to toggle on/off the BotG/FotG copy ability.
  10. Ethics Gradient's post in Magic Trait bug was marked as the answer   
    Quick follow-up: the steam release also came with a 2017 revision of the Rise of the Runelords Rulebook.  
    I'm reasonably sure it was also in a previous revision, but compared to the original, the rules now specifically note things like: "for example, playing the spell Aid on a check does not give the check the Divine trait" on page 14.
  11. Ethics Gradient's post in Armory questions was marked as the answer   
    The "Armory" you see is part of the character creation process.  Per the tabletop rules, new characters are allowed to pick from any of the B-Deck Basic cards to create their starting deck.  The app gives new characters a "suggested" starting deck that you may modify a little bit to suit your play style.    
    > What trigger is used to open the armory reliably?
      Story Mode: New characters that have not yet played their first scenario may access the basic list through the "Manage Decks" button on the world screen.
      Quest Mode: All characters may access the basic list through the "Manage Decks" button on the world screen. Bug?  
      All Modes: If a character finishes a scenario and there are not enough cards in their deck to build a valid deck, they are allowed to select Basic cards, or cards two or more adventure decks below their level to rebuild their deck.    
    > The basic cards listed stack. Is there a finite number of them like treasure cards?
    Yes.  Finite within that party.  Each party has their own finite vault that characters share access to.  However, if you move characters between parties, it is possible to have more of a particular card than is normally found in the game.  
    > If I de-equip a basic card after a scenario in favor of a newly acquired card, does that basic card get returned to the armory or destroyed?
    Any card your party doesn't currently possess essentially returns to the game "vault" and may be encountered again.  The only things that may be "lost" are the loot cards you receive after beating a scenario.  
    > How do I increase the number of cards in the armory? Is that even possible?
    No. You generally only have access to the basic decks.  The only way to search through a wider vault is to banish more cards than you have acquired during a scenario.  Then you will be granted access to the post-game deck-repair screen noted above.
    And, of course, Hannibal beats me by a couple minutes once again... Forum ninjas everywhere!  
  12. Ethics Gradient's post in Swallowtail Festival - tech problem or rule misunderstanding was marked as the answer   
    Seems like a legit close.
    Temp close draws the henchman, henchman defeat allows an attempt for permanent closing, the successful check closes it out.
    One of the ACG designers commented on it several years ago.
  13. Ethics Gradient's post in No rewards for completed daily challenges was marked as the answer   
    Daily challenges no longer appear in the pickup tab.  The gold is awarded the moment you complete the challenge.
    Weeklies will still show up in the challenges tab when you finish them off.
  14. Ethics Gradient's post in Holiday bundle card missing was marked as the answer   
    The Pathfinder Chronicler is a "normal" treasure card, whereas Song of Hawkmoon may need a reboot/force-restart to get it to show up because it is something not usually displayed in the vault.
    Edit: It also may depend on when you purchased the bundle.  Aarik said they corrected the problem of it not being added to your account.  If you bought it when it first came out, you may need to contact support with your PFID/User#.
  15. Ethics Gradient's post in Rolling All the Way was marked as the answer   
    Send a PM to Aarik D or fire off an email to email to support@obsidian.net if you still can't find everything.
    There was an issue with the bundle earlier, but seems to have been corrected.
  16. Ethics Gradient's post in Unable to "Pick Up" Completed Challenge was marked as the answer   
    Your daily challenge reward gold was given the moment it was completed.
    You'll use the "pickup rewards" section to grab the silly winter armor if you manage to complete the weekly challenge.
  17. Ethics Gradient's post in New card missing from Vault was marked as the answer   
    Yes. Your party's Vault sticks around from the previous scenario.  After it gets generated for one scenario, it remains that way in the save file until you do another.
    It's also the reason why if you go back and do a run on Local Heroes, the party vault completely forgets about the existence of AD2-AD5 until you try a higher AD again.
  18. Ethics Gradient's post in 50 chests for 20000 gold? was marked as the answer   
    It stopped being a thing a patch-and-a-half ago.  
    Bonus chests for cash purchases, but otherwise you buy at the 500 gold per chest rate.
  19. Ethics Gradient's post in [1.1.5] Nightbelly Boa damage not reduced by Shield of Fire Resistance was marked as the answer   
    Screen's a little blurry, but Kyra didn't happen to use that Greatclub +3 I think I see in her hand, did she?  
    Using a two-hander would explain why the shield's powers don't work.  What sort of check did she do?
  20. Ethics Gradient's post in Rogue Ape isn't an Animal was marked as the answer   
    I know your question is pretty much already answered, but here's what the actual developer of the Pathfinder ACG had to say regarding that question:
  21. Ethics Gradient's post in [] Can't leave (Closed) Mountain Peak - Harpy Monks was marked as the answer   
    The Mountain Peak and Academy are not connected.  The line you see is passing through, down to the Temple.  The connection lines between locations can occasionally glitch or shift, making it difficult to tell for sure what locations are tied together.  The game map with movement restrictions should look like the image below.

    I formed a 6-man party, got everyone drawn to the Mountain Peak, closed it out, and were able to move everyone back down to the Temple with no issue.  
    The disconnected Mountain Peak issue seems to only affect small parties.  When medium/large parties are played, the locations have the correct bi-directional links.
    [Edit: Better image]
  22. Ethics Gradient's post in iOS Update Loop was marked as the answer   
    Ah, you're right!  As of today, you're forced to upgrade to build 669 ( if you want to be online.  It is possible your iOS device is flaking out and can't find the new version, or it didn't process the update correctly.
    One way to kickstart the App Store is to open it up and tap on any of the icons on the bottom (Featured, Categories, etc...) ten times.  Once you do the 10x tap trick, it will often get the App Store app to refresh and try a little harder to look for and process updates.  Otherwise maybe try rebooting the device.
  23. Ethics Gradient's post in Two Poog's in One Party? was marked as the answer   
    Nope.  Poog is a Promo card, not a Treasure card.  You can have as many in your party as you want! (or have the patience to farm/trade)  
    In comparison, Treasure cards do have enforced limits, and excess copies will be deleted when you reform a party. 
  24. Ethics Gradient's post in Belt of giant strength was marked as the answer   
    Confirmed bug. There's another post about it at the link below. Just tap on the check type at the top middle of the screen and change it back to Combat:Melee instead of Combat:Strength.
  25. Ethics Gradient's post in Attic Whisperer prioritizes Blessings as damage was marked as the answer   
    Are you sure? Even the print version of the Attic Whisper has the following text:
    "... 1 Mental damage which may not be reduced; players must chose a blessing to discard as their damage, if they have any."
    Did that get errata'd in some later edition?
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