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New card missing from Vault



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I was looking at the Vault for a party that was between scenarios. I guess it waits to update until you start the next scenario? Or possibly return to main menu and reload.

Yes. Your party's Vault sticks around from the previous scenario.  After it gets generated for one scenario, it remains that way in the save file until you do another.


It's also the reason why if you go back and do a run on Local Heroes, the party vault completely forgets about the existence of AD2-AD5 until you try a higher AD again.

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...oh well whatever I guess it's fine now. I guess the Vault for that party hadn't updated yet?

It depends where you were looking and when.


The "Gallery" should be updated with whatever new treasure cards you got almost immediately, or at least the next time you restart the app.


The "Vault" for a scenario in-progress won't update until the next scenario.  Scenario Vaults get generated when you start the session, and shouldn't be modified by treasure chests you open "outside." 

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