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iOS Update Loop



So I go to start up Pathfinder Adventures and after the "Logged in successfully!" message I get a "Please Update" message. I click the "Update Now" button, and it takes me to the App Store, with the PA window open, but no option to update, just to open. Tap that, and I get taken back to the PA home screen, pushing me to update. Little help?


ETA: Going to the updates tab in the App Store (link at bottom right of screen) found the update. Looks like we're back on track. Thanks for your help!

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Ah, you're right!  As of today, you're forced to upgrade to build 669 ( if you want to be online.  It is possible your iOS device is flaking out and can't find the new version, or it didn't process the update correctly.


One way to kickstart the App Store is to open it up and tap on any of the icons on the bottom (Featured, Categories, etc...) ten times.  Once you do the 10x tap trick, it will often get the App Store app to refresh and try a little harder to look for and process updates.  Otherwise maybe try rebooting the device.

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