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Bug: Card list per category are being swapped



I loaded up a game I started playing a for a few days now, and noticed an odd bug:


After loading and continuing the mission, I was suddenly prompted with a note saying that I need to edit my deck to hit the required card amounts per category (ie. Weapon, Spell, Armor, Item, Ally, Blessing), so I loaded up the Manage Decks, and noticed that my characters seem to have swapped numbers in certain categories.


Ezren now has Weapon = 1, (It use to be 0) Item = 3 (It use to be 4);  It's like this with all my characters, it seems the categories swapped amounts?


Merisiel now has -1 Ally, +1 Blessing

Valeros now has +1 Armor, -1 Ally

Kyra now has -1 Weapon, +1 Armor


Not sure what's going on, but I'm at the beginning of the 3rd level.


Playing on Mac iOS Sierra through Steam.  Any help will be much appreciated.




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The changes you noted sound exactly like what would happen if you change a character's equipment set.  The alternate "costumes" you can chose are more than cosmetic, they offer slight variations in how characters play.  


From the Map, go to Manage Party.  As you flip through the different equipment sets for your party members, you can see there are a couple minor changes on both the Skills and Cards List tabs.


A quick rundown of the alternate costumes and their changes can be found over on this thread:

[Review & Ratings of the Character Alts]

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OH wow, you're right.  I had No clue that was a thing.  I wish there was a more obvious note under their character art or something.  I thought for sure I was going to stop playing as I didn't have any stash that could fill those up and didn't want to start over.  Thanks for the info!

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