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Swallowtail Festival - tech problem or rule misunderstanding



So I was playing Attack on Sandpoint, and one of my character's encountered the villain.  My characters attempted the various close checks, when something happened at the Swallowtail Festival location


The close check for Swallowtail Festival is "Defeat or Acquire the next card in the deck...."  So, Amiri encountered the next card - turned out to be the henchman goblin,  Then I also encountered the next card (it was a Longsword) which I successfully acquired, and then my location permanently closed.


Is this a technical problem, or driven by the rules (since the goblin henchmen has the line "if you succeed in defeating this card, you may immediately attempt to close the location")

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Seems like a legit close.
Temp close draws the henchman, henchman defeat allows an attempt for permanent closing, the successful check closes it out.
One of the ACG designers commented on it several years ago.

> Is it considered legal to permanently close the town square off of a temporary closing?

Sure, that seems fine. You're encountering the card and completing the result of defeating it.

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