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  1. So, I am considering getting the steam version as well now (insert the Futurama picture of Fry and the "Shut up and take my money") I remember some sort of deal that if you had been an original purchaser of the phone game, you could get a discount or something or added DLC if you purchased the steam game. Is that still available (yes, I was an original purchaser of the phone app, and have purchased all of the available DLC for the phone)
  2. What do you mean, nuance to chew over? At least with Pathfinder Adventure, there isn't much new to try
  3. So, I recently started a new game with the following team (RotR game) (Sunwrought) Kyra Tup Poog Raznak Ezren (scholar) So, after playing for a few times (and losing because I had crap rolls) I noticed that there were extra of cards that shouldn't have doubles. So far I've seen extra for Returning Throwing Axe Shalelu Andosana Cure (more than there is suppose to be, although IMHO, never have too many cures) Wondered if anyone else is having this problem?
  4. so, it's random chance, and there is no check to get it? It's like a Blessing of the Gods?
  5. So, Don't know if this is a case of user error or something else - But where is the Skyrocket Firework? I've completed the legendary Goblin Cannibal scenarios, so it should be available. But it didn't appear in somebody's deck, and it's not in my stash or unclaimed group. Is it just in my collection, but I have to find it? What confuses me is that if that is the case, then do I just auto acquire it?
  6. I will say that I've found it's *ok* if I put it in Seelah. Since weapon isn't her favorite card type, and RotR doesn't have a lot of offensive divine spells, this is something that can help her fight. Second the Iomedae's Benediction flip makes it useful that way as well, allowing for a reacharge. It is not a great offensive spell, IMHO - I agree. It's more niche
  7. I enjoyed the Valeros one shot, but would really like to see some more content. Any rumors, or any developers able to give us some hints?
  8. So, I was playing Battle at the Dam, normal mode, with the following characters in the following order Kyra (sunwrought), Ezren (scholar), Tontelizi, Merisiel (shadow) Merissiel is at Guard Tower, Kyra was at Shimmerglens (which was closed) and Tontelizi and Ezren were at the Garrison. Ezren was looking a little thin healthwise, and so I had Kyra move to Garrison, and then use her heal power (she had a divine spell in hand). Used it, healed Ezren. Because I had nothing else in hand (and I didn't want Kyra at the Garrison), i had her attempt to use her Gale Armor at the end of her turn to move (to Treacherous Cave), and she did "move". However, at that point, I couldn't do anything - the armor showed it as being recharged, but there were no buttons to click or anything - no forward arrows or anything like that. So I quit the game (not a forfit, just game restart), and when I got back to the game, it showed the map, and I tried clicking the red X to cancel, but it did something simliiar. At that point, I just forfited and just restarted, and I am going to get rid of Gale armor
  9. I understand what you are saying, but that doesn't make sense - the bracers aren't being used on the check, they are being used on damage. It's 2 items on the dice roll itself (at least, that is how I've always understood the rules) rather than on both the roll and the after effects of a roll
  10. Was playing a round of rise of the goblins, and Goblin Sajan tried to punch a plague zombie and rolled like ***** (Sajan, getting really annoyed at you), and I had the Bracers of Improved Protection in hand, and yet there is a lock on it. Further details 1) Game was Bard in the Bag, at Legendary Level 2) Extra challenges were Blood in the Sand and Painful Memories 3) Team (in this order) - Sajan @ Deeper Dungeons, Raznak @ Deeper Dungeons, Seoni @ Prison, Poog @ Glassworks 4) Using a G4, Android V6
  11. So, my "default" is to split, but there are a lot of caveats to that, hence the quotes, for the same reason Ripe said. I'll give a few examples 1) Card hand off - I had a team that had Valeros, Seelah, and Kyra on it (and some others - for our purposes that doesn't matter). I almost always start them together. Simple reason - Seelah and Kyra don't always start with a weapon to fight, but Valeros does. Having them together means I can dump a weapon to one of them, more likely. I find I do this with a character who is carry a card they can't use (looking at non-magic users who have to carry magic card, RAZNAK) 2) Powers make a LOT of difference, as was discussed - Valeros and Lem usually go with someone, while Merisel and Harsk not so much. I am having a very interesting time learning how to play Raznak.. Anyway, the point - because at a very high level, you have to assume you'll have not enough time, and more locations, that you'll have to have the part split, it makes a LOT of sense to split the party. BUT, there are many times where the party split doesn't make sense
  12. Ok, stupid question - are we losing the ability to trash treasure cards when we have a bunch of the same?
  13. I am not sure - specifically, I am not sure if I got my elemental body card. I am pretty sure I had one before, so I think I should have 2, but I am unsure
  14. Actually, the Cannon was NOT in skulls & Shackles - was first seen in the Alchemist deck (I know for a fact)
  15. Thoughts on Summon Monster? Having played through the game a number of times, I am begging to become convinced that this is only marginally useful, and only with Seelah (in the event she doesn't have a weapon in hand, and also her draw/recharge power).
  16. i had no problem with her late in the game generally. Did you max out her weapons, and improve her strength skill? Because that worked really well for me. She isn't really made in this game as a spellcaster for attack purposes. I usually loaded her up with the 2-handed weapons, which were some of the most powerful
  17. So 1) She is gonna be weak in the very beginning, because she has limited weapons choices, and the attack spells for divine castors are not basic. In that situation - you'll probably have to look around to the other characters for help. 3 characters have powers that can help (Lem, Harsk, Valeros). Also, look at what other cards people have that can help you. Early in game, once in a while, you'll have to burn 1-2 extra blessings. Burn one from her, because she can heal it back. Deck cycling more lets you get a weapon in her hand, and that is a huge benefit. Also consider replacing her holy water with Amulet of mighty fists. Also - consider locations with VERY limited enemies (Temple...) 2) Structure your character's starting point and turn order in such a way that someone could give her a weapon, if she fails to draw a weapon. Example - I will have Valeros have the first turn always, and I will put him where I want Kyra to start (so they might both be in the woods). Valeros commonly will draw 2 weapons, which is not really useful - hand one of right away to kyra, and she can now protect herself when her weapons are buried in her deck. (BTW, I do this for Seelah too, and I am still doing it even though my team is well into adventure 6) 3) Focus on replacing her spell cards with spells that are either attack spells(Infect or Holy Light), or can add pluses or dice to any situation (aid or guidance). Never waste a cure with her. 4) First power feat for her should ALWAYS be weapons proficiency (IMHO) - better weapons she needs 5) Add weapons to her hand, and consider maxing this out first. By about the end of Adventure 1, she comes into her own IMHO
  18. I've actually found Kyra to be a very good explorer/character, using her heal ability. The key thing to remember is it is only usable 1 time per turn, at the beginning of the turn. So frequently, I'll have multiple divine cards in my hand, in particular blessings. I'll most of the blessing to go multiple times, and save 1 blessing card in my hand and end my turn. Hopefully, when I draw up, I'll end up with more divine cards in my hand, or more blessings. Then, at the start of her next turn, is when you use her power. Once you start her turn, after you give cards and/or move, don't click an explore card. Instead, click her power, and reveal a divine card. That should trigger her heal, and you'll get back a bunch of blessings. If you were lucky to get an additional blessing when you drew up last turn, you can then actually go this turn, and proceed as normal. Just keep doing this - she's very effective
  19. Eh - it took me a while to think about that as well. It's not even really obvious if you've played the actual card game. I will say, I don't really see a strong need for that trick, unless I was going after some really weird heroic (or I decided that my current Kyra/Harsk build sucked, and needed to be rebuilt, which happened). I don't think I used it for anything but a few heroics/legendaries in Adventure 6. More often, because I have a 6 player team, I already have access to the cards I need, and, as I said, it becomes more effective to remove characters altogether.
  20. Your best bet is to pre-place some slots you can use. I'll give an example, so you get what I am getting at Let's say I have a team Valeros, Lem, and Seoni, and I want some new spells, but I don't want to lose any of my old spells. I'll create a new character (probably using Ezren) and add him to the team. I'll then transfer spells I want to keep to him, and put the crappy basic spells he comes with in Seoni. Then, I remove him from my team (without deleting him), and go hunting for the cards I want. Then, if I ever want to swap back, I just re-add Ezren, swap cards, and I have my original spells. (This may be what you meant by mule characters, but i never play with these card holder characters) I really think a big issue to make it simpler is to reduce your character team - if you have only 1 character, you will have only 1 locations, so you could beat it on your first turn.
  21. A few points (some will be controversial) 1) Limit the number of people on your team. I went in with just 2 people for the Heroic and Legendary. This, IMHO, is key. Otherwise, it requires to much luck to realistically beat. My choice to beat was Seoni and Lem. I have Lem's Bardic Performance Maxed out, and those extra pluses are worth it. I think you might be able to do something similar with Lini, on solo mode with her (and her reveal animal ability). Another option might be Merisel, and have her dodge everything until she finds a spider 2) You will NEED cards that let you look ahead - scrying, augry, etc.... You'll want to try and time their use for maximum ability. Ex - the revelation quill, you should only use when there are 6 or 5 cards at one of the locations. Then you can re-organize. Also, if you have rechargeable cards that let you look ahead (IE spells, or the one treasure card that I don't remember), and you don't get them to start with, consider forfeiting the adventure. And use them in conjunction with each other - if you play the quill, and don't find the henchmen, but find a bunch of monsters/barriers, move em with augry/scry 3) Have cards that you can auto beat with - example Slaying bow/Scythe/Sword.... potion of glibness, crown of charisma, lizard.... All of these auto beat various checks you WILL have to make. 4) (Controversy time) If you don't have the items you want or need for a specific character, create new characters to keep your items for you, then farm the specific items you need. That way, you won't lose any sweet loot. Hope that helps (Also, I think you have the wrong number - isn't it 6.3 that is Scaling Mahr Massif?)
  22. Success - I liberated the Blue Dragon last night, with the team of Valeros and Lem. Now, I have to find the card...
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