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Asmodde account cancels steam DLCs?

Sir Eyeball


I have this game on IOS, Android and lately just got it on my pc via steam. The steam version I have the ALT character, the rise of the goblins and the epic and legendary cards 1 DLCs. they register when I enter the game but when I  connect with my asmodee account the DLCs dissapear? Is there something I need to do or should I just ignore the Asmodee account?

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The way the game does multi-platform stuff, the Asmodee account seems to cause problems more often than not.  It is generally better to manually link platforms by clicking on your account then "Link Devices".

On whichever platform you have the saves you care about the most you click "Link Devices" then pick a target.  Those codes are then entered into the target platform with the "Enter a Link Code" button.  For example, link iOS to Android, then iOS to Steam.

Once you do that, it should merge all the DLC content you own into one account.  The Asmodee-only link does do some cross-play functions, but seems to have issues resolving new steam content.

While it should work just fine, it is recommended that you copy down your account information before each merge.  In each version of the game, go to "Options" --> "Settings" and make a note of the PFID number at the bottom of the screen.  Should you have issues, support@obsidian.net will sort you out.  Having the PFIDs handy will speed up the process a little if there is a need to investigate the original accounts and what happened during the merge.

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