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  1. Unsure I'll go solo. I like to have a henchman to torture BTW in the early game where could I find stilettos? Thanks
  2. To be a hearth orlan only works if we're not going solo isn't it? This build is maybe then better in duo like with a tank along us... So we can use all our priest buffs on someone else too... And the hearth orlan talent too...
  3. OK I see. I thought at high level we could have all songs. So our song list is somewhat still limited? And we can't pick them all?
  4. Why retrain? I mean, chanters cannot select a lot of songs at high level? Phantom is better to take than skels then?
  5. I wonder, no normal do you think a chanter duo is a viable choice? Like a player character chanter along kana. Thanks
  6. Mmm OK thanks. I also considered a two people party like my priest with a paladin to not be alone but without all this micromanagement but the pally is in act II Holy fighters So I should maybe max out stealth to go to defiance Bay, recruit the pally then retrain
  7. Fighter is easy at first and hard later on? Any idea with such a build, how much I should put in stealth/athletics/lore/mechanics/survival? Like the original post, 2 stealth, 3 athletics, 4 lore, 11 mechanics and 2 survivals? I don't like the human traits because it looks more like the "the enemy should die before I do", with acc and damage increase when you're below 50% endurance... btw early on there're not a lot of quests I can resolve peacefully. The thing with the mage in front of the inn, the guy who threatened the mill guy, dunno which ones... Indeed pillars priests
  8. Maybe Pale Elf then. For a melee fighter, wood elf is useless. The human trait is not that great. Don't like the look of other races. Pale Elf have cold resistance, though unsure if there are a lot of enemies with cold attacks, except in the white march expansion. And I found a cool looking pale elf portrait ^^ Cold priestess of Berath, stoic and rational, without passion, no cruelty but just what it needs to achieve the goals she has. With a great sword, and maybe sometimes a mace with a shield as secondary weapon slot, and also the Firebrand. As for stats, the thing as in the origi
  9. I doubt it will work on the console version you'll maybe ask why I play that on console. I like to move with a gamepad, but most importantly with the Xbox gaming pass ultimate I have the complete edition for free on console whereas on PC I only have the hero edition, so without the white march expansion.
  10. A punchy priest sounds more like a monk for me What about race for a priest? Do you think I need one that could wear a helmet or a moon godlike could be fine? I like the look of the moon godlike. I like less their portraits though, not enough of them...
  11. OK thanks. Just the armor that slows down attack speed then. But on the sword description there is the attack speed and it is displayed slow if I remember well. Skaen look I mean the deity description BTW what means cheesing?
  12. The advantage I could see with magran and sword and shield is that if I want better acc I can remove the shield and have just a sword. Though wonder if there are great 1h swords and shields in game. And I'll miss tidefall this way. Oh BTW the 10 acc with deity weapon is automatic? Or is it a talent to take? So if I'm a priest of berath and I have a 2h sword at the beginning of the game will I have this bonus? Also you say no shield, so better armor, but it also means slow casting and slow swinging because of the slow weapon and recovery time isn't it?
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