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  1. Thanks for the awnswers! Well, for the early game: ​First I needed to get experience items and money without combat, this way I could have some spells equipment and the figurine at hand wich make the fights bearable. The point to remember is that the early level (lvl. 2 specially) spells of the priest are really good. Divine Mark do a lot of damage and does a massive debuff to deflection. Iconic Projection is almost broken at chokepoints (doing a lot of damage that ignores DR, in a line, and Healing my figurine on top of that? Sign me up!) In fact Iconic projection was possibly my mo
  2. First of all I would like to thank MaxQuest for inspiring me to try this run by posting his Fire Priest build. ​That inpired me to try my own priest build, wich worked vey well and was able to solo the game. CHARACTER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Priest ​Deity: ​Skaen/Wael Background: ​Old Valia - Drifter Race: Wood Elf Solo: ​Yes PoTD:​ Yes​ Trial of Iron:​ If you avoid the Luminescent Caves ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATS -------------------------- ​Pre - Level 09: Mig: ​18 Con: 0
  3. Hello, i just found a bug related to the wall of draining spell. ​When the enemies cast that on you, ist effects will not stay on the place of the wall, but follow you like a debuff, making it way more powerful than iot should, since running away from the wall will not get you out of the effect and you basically cannot buff yourself for the entire Duration of the spell. (​I can't paste the link for a savefile for some reason, must be something with my browser, no paste Options are allowing me to do so)
  4. Holy Radiance at full power demo. ​ (minor spoilers in the Video. Solo PoTD - Upscaled) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecL5N7SzHfw
  5. I finished this quest, got the rewards, but the quest in the journal did not update. ​The journal still telling me to give the amulet to Orkun, wich I already did. ​(no save file because I finished this quest some time ago and just realized the issue recently). ​(I skipped the step of retrieving the chest with rocks from the Pond (no constitution for that, and apparently potions of bulwark against the Elements do not work, only the spell, even if they have the same effect) and just murdered the giftbearers, if that's relevant). Thanks in advance​.
  6. Since priests are my favorite class i will be a little biased. They are better as the main character, but still a great class Overall. ​So the 1st Level spells are great for the thougher Encounters early games, the Blessing spell actually gives a pretty big Bonus to accuracy, and it stacks with the inspiring radiance Talent (can be taken at Level 2 and is also amazing in therms of accuracy) giving everyone a huge boost in damage because of the extra crits and less frequent gazes and misses. On Level 1 barbs of condemnation is also good, since it deals reasonable damage and reduces all enemies
  7. Ah, ok. Makes sense since this save came from the version 3.02. ​Glad to know that it is fixed ​Thanks and Keep up the good work!
  8. Hello 1st part: I am playing the beta patch and i've encountered a pretty big bug relating the quest The old queen and the new king.​I accepted the quest from Galawain and gone to the temple where i took the key to reach Sul and Orenos. ​Then instead of continuing the quest, I took the quest to free the Fangs woman from noomfrost. When I returned with the woman and took the reward, I noticed that there was a Fight going on. My combat Log showed that Sul was fighting the other lions (and she died). You can see from the savefile bellow that she is already dead and i never explored that part of
  9. Well... 1 - Deleterious Alacrity of Motion + Eldrich Aim + Merciless Gaze + Infuse With Vital Essence + Llengrath Displace Image + Mirrored Image + Bulwark Against the Elements + Citzal Sipirit Lance + Citzal Martial Power. Pop Arcane veil and go to the front line, he will do more damage than any other class in the game probably. Even at level 1, cast Wizards Double and Concelhaut Parasitic Staff, his damage output will be pretty high for the level. 2 - Yeah... That sucks a bit, but you can rest at any time you want, also, the good thing about that is that it forces you to be economic with yo
  10. Do you have the 4th level spells? ​If so you could sneak around the enemies and open the fight with your druid casting Overwhelming Wave or Calling the World's Maw, wich would start the fight with some enemies disabled, probably giving you enough time to Focus your attacks and kill some of then quickly.
  11. Ok. ​I hope that the next patch will fix it. Sorry if it was already reported, I just looked up the recent threads before reporting and found no sign of this. I should have done a more in depth search.
  12. I don't know if it is just my game, but the Shod in faith Consecrated Ground one time per Encounter proc is ocurring more than one time, as stated. ​Also, it's stacking with itself, (up to three times, i think). Causing massive Regeneration if I get hit by a crit mora than one time in sequence. Latest game Version. Save file: ​ https://www.dropbox.com/s/xhti4u50gwru9ca/abf5e195-5710-4da4-b23b-4f9fede5598e%20quicksave.zip?dl=0 Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for the answers! It doesn't actually, but until you are able to get the first spell mastery it's a solid pick (or if you just want to ignore Blessing, since it's just +1 acc difference (sure, you will miss the damage Bonus if you decide to do that)). I also think that Aggrandizing Radiance is a must for every Priest, that +2 stat and move Bonus stacks with everything in the game. ​Once you get Minor Avatar that is +10 to every Status, or +12 might and perc. for Champions boon. ​The only Problem is that it's more of a mid-late game Talent, since you really need that hea
  14. I decided to give this build a try in a solo PoTD play playthrough. I have to say it's a lot of fun! Its perfectly viable for solo if you can get past the beginning. Once you get the level 4 spells it's just a matter of pulling the spells of without dying. Just a question, why interdiction? Dazed and Weakened are great debuffs, but isn't it better just knocking everything prone with Pillar of Faith and then killing everyone with shining beacon (after you buffed yourself of course), i did that agains Cail the Silent at least, worked pretty well, even after I messed up with the Adra Beetle and e
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