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  1. ahh the mark hamil syndrome...
  2. "Leather Goddesses of Phobos " Wow they're making a remake of this???
  3. there are plenty of roleplaying servers in NWN
  4. Oh I see...actually the real reason why I posted about the site being down is because I installed NWN and I can't update it....anyone know if there is any site (not Bioware's) that holds the latest manual update?
  5. It seems the Bioware site is down, which means the NWN2 is down too...anyone know how long it would last?
  6. So how 'bout that 'roleplaying' in FPS games? They don't have a stat system like RPGs, yet they're consistently filled with strategy and 'power' gamers far more than they are roleplayers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> When you play 'Serious Sam' for example, you are playing the 'role' of Sam by blasting everything as they come at you...I don't see how you can "power-game" in that. You don't really have the choice to 'role-play' or 'power-game'.
  7. How far back are you willing to take this argument? I can name a genuine list of horrendous games that Bioware brought out before the days of BGand a rock pile of excellent games Interplay brought out. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I could name only one: Shattered Steel. MDK2 was pretty good. Not great, but good.
  8. I don't Bioware is making BG3, for the reason that I doubt they want to work with Atari anymore... Last I heard Infrogrames isn't really doing too well financially, and they just sold the Civ series too. I'm guessing they want to rush this new BG game out, (since their only other major money maker on the PC side is Unreal series and it's gonna be a while till the next UT comes out) and Bioware has risen to a prominent position where they can choose who to develop for and they wouldn't really want to rush out anything for anyone, kind of like how Blizzard is.
  9. Hope it gets ported to PC. Yay for non-rts non-ww2 historical games.
  10. I hope they'll at least sell the TOEE engine before folding. That's a great engine to make future isometric DnD games.
  11. Age of Empires 3 Won't come out next year. Duke Nukem Forever Probably won't come out next year. Elder Scrolls 4 Won't come out next year. Quake 4 Probably won't come out next year.
  12. According the NPD in 2004... "Computer gamers skewed differently, buying strategy games (26.9 percent), family and children's entertainment games (20.3 percent) and shooter games (16.3 percent), followed by role-playing games (10 percent), adventure games (5.9 percent), sports games (5.4 percent), and action games (3.9 percent). " I assume this thread is talking about PC Gamers anyway, considering there were three choices for RPG's and neither of them were ''console RPG's''.. I'm not sure what the difference is between action and shooter games...
  13. There's a rumor in Gamespot's rumor control that: RUMOR #7: Troika Games, the independent developer behind Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines and The Temple of Elemental Evil, has shut down. Source: The Quarter to Three Forums , home of enlightened gaming discourse. The official story: See below. What we heard: While many independent developers are enjoying success (i.e. BioWare, Obsidian Entertainment), others are not faring as well. This week, word surfaced that indie shop Troika Games, which was founded by several former Fallout developers and Interplay castaways, had f
  14. The thing is I doubt there's much money to be made selling a Teen rated RPG... if huge budget games like Halo 2, Half-Life 2, and Metal Gear Solid, with much lower age demographics than PC RPGs, are rated M, then DnD games can be M as well. Reason that Planescape Torment failed as an M-rated game was probably more to do with marketing than anything else.
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