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  1. Atari is apparently doing something wrong. This is the second time this year they are getting sued over something to do with D&D. If you read over the court docs that describe what Turbine sued them for, it sounds like they not only failed to help fund the release of DDO in North America, but then again in Europe. Turbine is apparently capable of surviving a release bomb... considering they spent their own money on the two major releases of DDO without help from Atari. http://www.courthousenews.com/2009/08/26/Atari.pdf
  2. Little red riding hood or Purple pointy hat?
  3. Yep.. I'm real bored tonight.... no.. wait..its morning now.
  4. Ok gonna try a different approach. Draw with no shading or color and then print off copies to color. Got a new dwarf that I'm gonna try this with. Why is it always dual wielding drow? Why never a dual axe weilding dwarf? Ok, ok.. so there was Gimli. Still trying to decide on how I want to have this guys personality in the modules I plan to make. But pretty sure he is going to be heavy on the dual weild feats. Just seems odd though that one of the stout folk would ever be more dexterous than strong or durable.
  5. Those are sweet. I can never get shading done that well. Even when I have something to look at to see the shading I can never get it to look right. This was one I did from highschool with an ink pen. So many dots.... Drove me nuts. My instructor said that I wasnt done yet but my hand felt differently. It didnt want to move anymore. In it, at least the shading is in the right places. Unlike the other drawings I have posted which has lights where there shouldnt be any.
  6. ? I did expect someone being a critic. But in order to be a critic I would think you would have to state why it shows no talent. And I didn't paint them. <sarcasm> Being such a great judge of artistic talent, I would have expected you to see that. </sarcasm> I know that these arn't great masterpeices. At no point did I ever claim that I was a great artist. I just wanted to share my pictures with a comunity who I thought would like them. To come to a gaming message board and attack someone with such insults as "complete lack of talent" and implying that they need ther
  7. Couldnt decide how I wanted this guy to look. Personaly think I did best on the orc and the guy with the fro. The second of these tho wasnt so bad. Looks like he has a little captian in him in that one. :D I think its because I just had a much better Idea of how I wanted them to look at the beginning that I did better on the first ones.
  8. A Dorf Im just gonna claim that those things that look like knee cap thingys are acctualy shin guard thingys. Realized the longer I made his legs the longer the shaft of the hammer got and had to cut him short
  9. Drew another pic. On a roll now. Decided since I have forever till NWN2 (forever because I am extremely impatient) I would draw schetches of the people I plan to use as NPCs in mods I plan to make. This guy was originaly inspired by one of my friends characters that he used during our PnP sessions a few years back. I have made some adjustments. He was origanaly a specialty priest of Azuth and was known amongst our little group as THE Magistrati, since we only ever had one... Otherwise known as Lucas. His hair, my friend explained was magicaly enchanted similar to a bag of holding... T
  10. Be nice.. its my first drawing in almost 6 years. For some reason stopped drawing when I graduated from highschool. Also doing this because Im not entirely sure how to post pics in this forum yet and giving it a try.
  11. Been doing some looking and found something about sales for pc games at gamespy. # Top Selling PC Games (by $) for 11/28/04 - 12/04/04 Sales Ratio 1 World of Warcraft 2 Half-Life 2 3 The Sims 2 4 Zoo Tycoon 5 Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 6 The Sims 2: Special Edition 7 Sid Meier's Pirates! 8 Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault: Director's Edition 9 Rome: Total War 10 Doom 3 Also found some less current info about percentages of sales from 2003 clicky Console game players most often purchased action (27.1%), sports (17.6 %), and racing titles (15.7%), role-pl
  12. I really would like to see where you are getting this information. A link perhaps?
  13. Just wondering but where and how have you gathered this information? Perhaps a link to a website that shows acctual results of detailed research in the subject would help. No offence, but I just dont believe there is any one gamer group that is vastly larger than others and that they have in anyway affected the creation of games.
  14. Often times I will see a post with someone saying "its because so and so fans are the majority that so and so game is made to cater to them" or "this game doesnt do this because so and so majority would not buy the game with it" Where do they get this information on who is the majority? Acctual statistical facts on the subject, and how were those stats gathered anyways. The choices in the poll above I can maby see as difficult to decide. Think of it this way for an example: What are top 5 most favorite games. If they are BG, BG2, PST, FO, IWD then you obviously are the Complex RP
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