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  1. not a lot in that teaser, but i'm looking forward to ME2. loved the first one. except for the generic side quests. driving around in that stupid, overblown renault espace got tiresome...
  2. the only ones i know of are dragon age, hearts of iron 3 and empires:total war. any other decent rpg, rts or general strategy games on the horizon? i'm thinking of buying the new warhammer game.
  3. ok, but i like shooters as well as long as there is a decent story behind it, some variability, a little bit of conversation and progressively improving character. for instance deus ex. think i'll try out command&conquer red alert 3 first. a big c&c fan and wouldn't have to learn how to play the game first. as i would with gc2 and sins of solar empire, which i think are two excelent games.
  4. picked up a few games recently, but what to play: bioshock sins of a solar empire jade empire gears of war 2 galactic civ the witcher i've just finished playing fallout3 and mass effect and enjoyed both of them, so i wouldn't mind another action rpg. is bioshock, which i've heard is similar, any good? what type of game is the witcher? stupid hack and slash rpg like diablo or is it more to it?
  5. On the off chance that your question is a serious one, I shall reply seriously. Because the supreme court, which is charged with interpreting constititional issues, has decreed that the constitional right to bear arms does not require every household to have a basement full of military and nuclear weapons, but does require that the average, non-felonious citizen has the right to carry a weapon suitable to protect himself, his property and his family. so they're interpreting the constitution as they see fit. what is 'suitable'? who are they to say that i shouldn't have a rpg in my ba
  6. why? if you've got a right to bear arms, why not carry around a rpg or a nuclear bomb? who's to say it must be limited to handheld guns? furthermore, why do americans consider the constitution as 'perfect'? if there is something you don't like, then change it. simple, really...
  7. i think he can own one. at least you can in norway, and sweden is fairly similar to norway. although, you can't buy one at your local supermarket... as for crime rate, hah. compare norway's and the us' crime rate and then come back...
  8. i look at the force as a close relative of the concept of 'karma'.
  9. the peace prize is a bit different. it is awarded by the norwegian nobel committee, while all the others are awarded by swedish academies.
  10. well, math isn't really science either. then again, they have one in literature....
  11. Thats wrong. http://nobelprize.org/ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, it is a greyzone. The economy prize was not insitigated by Alfred Nobel but by the national bank of Sweden in 1968 under the name "Swedens national bank award in economic science to the memory of Alfred Nobel". The prize is not paid for by the Nobel Foundation but by the bank, what makes it confusing is that the award is handed out at the same ceremony as the real awards. After a while it got so mixed up that the differance is not emphasized anymore. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> not only is economics
  12. quick note, he's not a nobel prize winner as there is no nobel prize for economics...
  13. why do everyone assume sylar is 'extracting' the skills of these other mutants he's killing? come on, the show is a bit stupid and cartoony, but that doesn't mean it's totally retarded. 'stealing powers'? jesus, could it get more inane and overplayed...
  14. why is that such a bad thing? is it because you oppose the kyote agreement in itself or is it a more general approach to the entire issue of global warming?
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