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  1. I've always found random encounters and respawning enemies to be extremely tedious. Yes, in theory, if it fits with the setting (e.g. wildlife in a forest) it makes RP sense. And in theory it's possible to implement it in a way that doesn't affect pacing. In practice, however, I've always found most implementations to be extremely annoying. They get in the way of enjoying the game.
  2. From current information 2D backgrounds with 3D charachters. How *exactly* though we'll see with the first screenshots. This sounds great. I loved the 2D backgrounds in the IE games but the character sprites (paper dolls?) were eyesores. Judged by today's standards, the backgrounds still look great but the sprites look ludicrous. Some other minor graphics comments: I always felt the maps were a little cramped in the IE games. Outdoor areas felt like narrow interior walkways. The scale of the area that the story was trying to present was not adequately represented by the graphics on screen. The absence of perspective (parallel lines converging at the horizon) in the isometric geometry was always a little disconcerting to me. With today's systems I suppose it should be fairly straightforward to add a slight perspective effect to the isometric layout, shouldn't it?
  3. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2012/09/ubisoft-backtracks-on-pc-drm-citing-customer-feedback/
  4. http://games.slashdot.org/story/12/07/30/1214206/ubisoft-uplay-drm-found-to-include-a-rootkit
  5. If your hosting server supports it, I would recommend using a Content-Management System (CMS) such as Drupal (drupal.org) or Wordpress (wordpress.org). Note that this Wordpress isn't exactly the same as the Wordpress.com blogging website - the former powers the latter. These CMS systems are free, have a gentle learning curve and come with a plethora of user-created themes and plugins - including gallery plugins for displaying images, plugins to automatically re-format your webpage for mobile/tablet browsing, etc. I was in a similar state of mind as you are now when I started down this path. I had created my personal webpage years ago using hand-written HTML, but was interested in trying out a more "packaged" solution as long as the look, feel and usability was simple and elegant and the whole thing didn't take too much of my time. Wordpress ended up working really well for me, but I'm sure any of the other popular CMS's would have worked just as well.
  6. Oh well. The suckers that put up with this sort of DRM are finally paying for it. Hard to feel sorry for them. For the rest of us that simply avoided all this crapware, life goes on. Move along folks, nothing more to see here.
  7. There are a number of Linux users on these boards, so I thought this would be interesting.
  8. There's a continuous tradeoff space between a "safe" Orwellian big-brother society and a complete anarchy. The trouble is that everyone's comfortable sweet spot is at a different point in this range. Still, there can be some convergence on this issue. The bigger problem is that much of the common public isn't realizing how big a role modern corporations are playing in pushing our governments towards an Orwellian world.
  9. Well they're trying to establish the notion that your ability to play a game is a limited service they're providing you instead of a product that you can use as you please. Also you can only use the service under their watchful eyes, and you have to agree to install their supervisory applications on your computer (temporarily turning over complete control of your computer to them). Oh, and they'll continue to charge the same $50-60 for the rental that they used to charge for the unrestricted product. Really, I'd have no complaints against this model if (a) these new rental games were to cost $15 instead of $50, and (b) they didn't install nefarious hidden software on my personal computer.
  10. Until you run out of Lyrium potions. This is my first playthrough (Normal), and I barely survived the siege. Now I'm out of lyrium potions and dust (blacksmith doesn't seem to have any more), and wondering if I should continue through the remainder of Redcliffe in this state or try to go through the siege again and try to conserve a few more potions.
  11. Folks, a gentle request to keep the spoilers down.
  12. Dunno yet. I got pretty p*ssed off but I'm probably going to give it another shot in a few days. The game does deserve a second chance, it's been really good fun thus far. Alright, it wasn't too bad. I still think the game would have been better off without the stuff, but thankfully it was mostly low-key and not too stretched out. The game didn't lose its overall charm. And thank heavens the endgame Next stop... Kathmandu!!!
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