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  1. Social stealth would be cool. The Hitman franchise more or less pioneered the idea, and the beta for the new episodic title has made some strides in that area. Police will actually try to arrest the player for minor crimes instead of immediately going guns blazing. Obviously, this would interface well with the CQC skill in an AP-like game.
  2. Sign me up. Obisidan, start taking more of my money already!
  3. I've come to terms with AP2 not happening because of Sega. That said, Obsidian has been on a roll with a series of successful titles, one of which was a kickstarter that vastly exceeded expectations. Also, minor point that Pillars of Eternity has received some of the highest review scores this year amongst titles like Witcher 3 and Fallout 4. Pretty sure if Obsidian wanted to make a similar espionage-themed RPG, people would fund it on kickstarter.
  4. Just thought I'd say, PoE is everything I expected and I love it.
  5. I think deflection is a good choice. The benefit of killing things harder is built into the weapon stats; killing things harderer isn't a particularly interesting bonus. The assumption is that a character is going to use 2h in the majority of if not all situations, so patching up deficiencies in defense is logical and believable.
  6. Yeah, but I can't equip my created character with the weapons and armor I want them to use.
  7. It seems like the backer beta lacks a peddler of generic, low-quality items with which to spec your created character. Weaponsmith sells, like, two weapons; and the tanner sells two daggers. Seems like kind of a glaring omission, am I just not finding the right merchant?
  8. Lack of balance? I assume you're referring to chain shot and shadow operative. Oh noes, teh stealth and teh pistols are really effective in a game about spies! On to the more important subject of how I would improve AP. -Social stealth, a la hitman series. If MT walks around with an assault rifle, people should act accordingly. This would open up different ways of completing missions depending on what gear the player chooses. -Fewer all-out assault missions, unless that's how the player wants to handle it. -More variety in outfits, with different uses (i.e. maintenance unif
  9. I remember forum discussion on that prior to release, but nothing official or recent.
  10. I know, let's create a thread in which most people overreact one way or another!
  11. Most are kind of hybridized versions of various guns, though some are renames.
  12. Good job Obsidz. I feel that AP delivers on the actual substance of a WRPG in ways that other recent games lack. It's major praise to say that I may never do another run of ME2 now, and that's more or less where I'm at. While AP falls short of my ideal game, it's about as close as any developer has been. There's plenty of Monday morning quarterbacking to be done on areas for improvement (some of which I mentioned over a year ago), but I'll save that for another post.
  13. I think even people who didn't like Alpha Protocol can recognize its potential.
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