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  1. 1) Allow the option ala Mass Effect for femThorton. 2)Consequences and interactions from the first game carry to the sequel. 3)automobile survaillance and/or car chases. 4)Sniper rifle use shouldn't be at a fixed position. Allow players to carry it with them. 5)Bring back whatever love inerest from the first game into the sequel
  2. Yes and completed the game with different endings. I even let the closing credits finish to see if it made ay difference, but still nada. All I get is recruit mode every time I want to replay it. My last autosave is "Finale" so not sure why this isn't recognized on new games. Shrugging my head as to what's going on.
  3. I have the PS3 version and bought it preowned. I've beaten the game a few times with different endings. However, when I try to replay it in veteran mode, it's still not available. I even let it play all through the closing credits to see if it takes that long for it to register I completed the game. How do I get veteran mode to open?
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