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  1. Project Eternity Project Eternity is a Kickstarter initiative from Obsidian Entertainment. It has been introduced as a spiritual successor to the 'Infinity Engine' games which include the Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale series and Planescape: Torment, characterised by a beautiful pre-rendered 2D backgrounds, a fixed isometric viewpoint for tactical views, full player control over 6 party members and real-time with pause combat. It is currently being fundraised through Kickstarter, where gamers directly fund development with no publisher involvement. The Kickstarter page is found here. For now, you should refer to the Kickstarter page for most of the information, which will be coming directly from Obsidian. You can also check out the Project Eternity page on the Obsidian website here.Please note that all information collected in this thread is unofficial and does not represent an official statement from Obsidian Entertainment. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC4w9GdFPrg . . Kickstarter Updates The Kickstarter campaign not only features the main site but a series of updates over time. You can check out the actual updates here at the Kickstarter site, as Obsidian uploads them. The relevant forum threads for each update are linked below: Update #3: Game Basics - Your Party, Your Characters, and Races Update #4: Digital Tiers, DRM, and Add-Ons Update Update #5 - Souls, Technology, and Adventuring Companies Update #6: Choosing the Best Tool for the Job [Linux Confirmed] Update #7: Non-combat Skills with Tim Cain Update #8: New Digital Tier, Novella by Chris Avellone, and Translations at $2.2M Update #9: The power of MODES and Godlike Races: Our $2.3M Stretch Goal Update #10: Characteriztion with Chris Avellone Update #12: Reddit Q&A with Tim Cain . . FAQ: Kickstarter & Technical Information Will there be a Paypal option? Obsidian have said that they are trying to put it up soon. However, due to the way Kickstarter works as a funding platform, Paypal donations would likely not count towards the official $ figure. Will there be a DRM-free version? Confirmed by Kickstarter update #4, a DRM-free version is being offered in conjunction with GOG. At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, you will be able to choose between a GOG or Steam key. Obsidian is also looking into solutions for Mac versions, and boxed copies? Will there be multilingual support? There is no official word on this yet. Localisation is often costly, and handled by the publisher; a different solution would be required here, if Obsidian were to do them. Will there be Mac & Linux support? Yes to both. Mac and Linux were originally listed as stretch goals. The Mac version goal has now been reached and with the announcement that they will be using the Unity engine, they have made a commitment to a Linux version without the need for a stretch goal. Will there be 64-bit support? Most likely, yes. What will the system specifications be like? It is impossible to say so early in development. Obsidian have, however, said that they will try and make sure the game can run even on integrated graphics chips (the primary limiting factor in laptop gaming). See exact quote here. . . FAQ: Game Information Is Project Eternity a codename or the actual name of the game? It is a codename. Art Style It will be in the same style as the Infinity Engine games, though the technology used will be different. For reference, IE games built the backgrounds in 3D then exported them into 2D form, not quite 'hand-drawn' but certainly not full 3D; this was supplemented by typical 2D sprites for moving objects. Engine Obsidian have chosen Unity as the engine for Project: Eternity. Unity is known as a versatile, relatively low-cost engine that can support both full 3D worlds and a mix of 2D and 3D, the latter being Obsidian's choice. Obsidian's internal Onyx engine (Dungeon Siege 3, South Park) was considered, but Obsidian explain the middleware and Mac/Linux compatibility raised costs too much. Note that the engine itself does not determine what the game will look like, or even the exact camera. For example, Wasteland 2 will also use the Unity engine, but is likely to look very different from Eternity. Obsidian's Roby Atadero explains: Camera Camera has been confirmed as static, though probably zoomable. Alignment / Reputation Tim Cain has confirmed that the game will not use a Good/Evil alignment system, but a reputation system: Deities Feargus Urquhart has confirmed the presence of deities: "they won't just be hanging out in bars, but they are definitely a part of the world." Show me the World Map! OK. (Sawyer has hinted that this may not be, in fact, the actual world map.) . . Media Coverage This is not a comprehensive review of coverage; usually, only coverage with new information, a lot of content, or otherwise interesting features are included. Official Project Eternity Facebook Page 4 Teaser Texts - These splash pages were released by Obsidian as part of the buildup to the Kickstarter announcement. 14/09/12: GameBanshee Exclusive - Many details on game vision and big ideas. 14/09/12: Kotaku on Kickstarter Launch 18/09/12: Tim Cain on Eurogamer 19/09/12: TIME article 21/09/12: Chris Avellone on VGA24/7 21/09/12: Feargus Urquhart on TIME . . Developer Comments Josh Sawyer on D&D style camping Source: Somethingawful Josh Sawyer on experimental and innovative features Source: Obsidian Forums Josh Sawyer on the map Source: Somethingawful Josh Sawyer on the Player House stretch goal Source: Formspring Source: Obsidian Forums Josh Sawyer on art style Source: Obsidian Forums Chris Avellone on engine Source: Twitter
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