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  1. Make a good game for once, I'm tired of waiting.

  2. Fire elf? More like a ire felf!

  3. Better yet, keep playing 1e, it's still the best for roleplaying.
  4. Kinda off topic, isn't it? So who is doing that new fallout MMO that's being made?
  5. So any good games coming out now? Whatever happened to that fallout 3 demo Feargus (I think) had way back when, they add to it?
  6. You can use the search function.
  7. The problem with Langky's post is that fails to recognize a couple basic truths. First about Saddam, did Langky know Saddam funded terrorism? Does he know Saddam tried to have Bush 43 assassinated? Now why, if as Langky claims, Saddam only wants to sit in a gold palace leaving everyone alone, did Saddam do these things? Obviously the claim that Saddam was not a danger if left alone is a highly contestable claim. Secondly, someone who lived under a dictator and fled rather than fought really has no moral ground to attack the politics of other countries. Glass houses and stones, that sor
  8. Are you advicating the assassination of the President?
  9. No it's not. Whatever the put the name of fallout on, it won't be fallout.
  10. No matter what geek toy you buy, it's already outdated.
  11. If we could have crabs it would add something to the game.
  12. Seems I did HEY! *kicks Karzak in the shins* Wow, kicked by you *personally* instead of one of your mods, I must be moving up in the world
  13. Well, KK was a day late and a dollar short at int, some things never change.
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