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  1. Hi Everyone, Tim Cain is looking for questions that he can answer in his next update. So, when you have the chance, get on over to reddit and put up a question and vote for others. http://www.reddit.co...ns_answered_by/ -Feargus
  2. Make a good game for once, I'm tired of waiting.

  3. 5: Well that's a loaded question. So I'll go with a safe answer - both. This is pretty much because I like working on both licensed properties and original settings. I really believe that they both have their place in the industry and in running a healthy independent development studio. While I do think that licensed games can be less risky, it's not particularly the reason why I don't have a specific preference between them and original ideas. I guess I look at it as a game maker and not just a business guy. That may seem odd, because normally the business guy would say that mak
  4. It is hard to get published, however if you have something to show that's different. A lot of publishers are often looking for product that they can ship fairly quickly to make up for products slipping out of a particular quarter or year. They often call these "oportunistic". The best place to start is to call up the publishers you want to talk to and ask for their Business Development department. It is the job of the people in those departments to talk to pretty much everyone and if as I said, if you have something playable they will be instantly more interested.
  5. 4: Two answers in a month, hey at least I'm getting a little better at this. It is funny as you get older that time does seem to just speed on by. Well enough on that tangent. So, as it turns out, between when this question was asked and today many of you have probably already seen Sega's announcement that we are going to be making an Aliens RPG for them. I can't really go into anymore details about it other than to say it is an RPG and there are Aliens in it. Well I can say a little more in that we are focusing a great deal on the RPG aspects of the game, so no one needs to ru
  6. The walkmesh in KotOR2 is a part of the art file for the level and then is exported as the walkmesh. Are you looking for the format of the walkmesh itself?
  7. 3: It's a love, hate relationship? Actually, I think my actions, unfortunately, speak louder than words in that it's been almost a year and I never answered all of these questions. I could say it's time, my family, getting NWN2 done or any of 100 other excuses. But, the reason is that I never scheduled my time or prioritized it high enough to make sure that I got up here and answered these questions. While fairly lame of me, I'm going to try to put more of my time aside for the community here and on the NWN2 boards. I think that one of the difficulties for us over the past year
  8. First of all, sorry for taking so long to get to the next question. I've been sick (which seems to be a trend lately) and coming back from E3 meant some long days. 2: That's a good question and it's one that we wrestle with every time the owners of the company get together to talk about what we want to do as a company. Every Monday we have a lunch meeting of the owners, and one of the topics yesterday was what are the right sort of projects for us and what are not the right projects. How RPG-centric should we stay and is it bad staying too RPG-centric. It's a hard call a lot of
  9. 1: In my mind it really comes down to the type of CRPG that you are trying to make and what the focus of it is going to be. If you are making a combat focused RPG then you have think of who are you making it for and how do you want it to feel. Do you want it to be something that someone can pick up and play for 10 minutes and get through a bunch of combats - then you need to have a fairly fast action combat system that lets you cut through enemies quickly. If you want to make it for players that like strategy then you have to slow it down, make it more stat based and focused more hea
  10. Hi everyone, well I'm at E3 now and I feel bad for not responding to my own top 10 until now but my son gave me some wonderful flu that put me on ice chips and dry toast for a bit. So, I'll answer this question first and then I'll be answering more questions over the coming days. First off the people that will be at E3 are going to be all the Owners of Obsidian except for Chris Jones, so Darren, Chris Parker, Chris Avellone and myself will all be at E3. Showing off NWN2 in the Atari booth are about 8 other Obsidianites - Scott Everts (long time BIS/OE level/tech designer), Patrick Mills
  11. We are going to get a patch released and are working to do so. I apologize for the time it has taken to be released and wish it was more within my control to get it released as quickly as possible.
  12. For IWD3, I would probably use what we are creating for NWN2. We would have to make modifications to make a party system work, but with all the changes we've made I think it would work well. As for the amount of effort it took to make the 2D IE games vs. the latest 3D stuff, I guess there is a fairly long list of reasons why. Maybe the succinct way I can explain it is that comparing 2D backgrounds to 3D ones is like comparing the making of a movie set vs. an actual building. In 2D the artists usually only have to worry about making the things that actually face the camera. Plus, when
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