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That's a real great thing. Really! ;)


But now that you stated to implement custom content, you could add also a good waterfall effect, not? :)

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It doesn't work if it doesn't touch ground.

Example: I tryied to use near stairs PLC and the bake doesn't links them.

We need something that links walkable PLCs each other... or better to upgrade the bake system to support that.

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Could be possible to add wedge-shaped versions in next patch(es)?

So would be easier to link a side with the ground...


However the need to be able to link various "stand-alone"* (or not) walkable PLC will be yet valid!

Expecially to link more Walkmesh Helper, if you include wedge-shaped versions.


* for stand-alone I mean that don't touch the ground as walkpath surface.

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I'v tried the Wlakmesh Helper in a couple of rather simple places and found that it works pretty well, and ha saved me a lot of frustration with trying to make a simple dock a walkable area. I'm going to give it a try on a few other things as well to see just what I can get away with.

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