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  1. Here comes the corrector! :D You wroten "NWN2 general form", instead of "forum" I think. You used the wrong link for "Glacier's Edge Sword by Freeloader", the right link is: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2Models.Detail&id=79 (you used a forum-shoter version). Same thing for "Nytir's Building Construction Kit: Oriental Expansion", the right link is: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2Models.Detail&id=78 For now I founded those... If I'll find more, I'll report them!
  2. I created a thread into NWN2 Toolset Official Forum (Bioware Forum, CD-KEY restricted) to discuss TLK, here: http://nwn2forums.bioware.com/forums/viewt...3&forum=113
  3. I'm editing a module using a custom TLK files. If you use "Custom TLK" check it doesn't work, because it adds automatically 2147483648 to your custom ResRef value and treat it as a starndard ResRef value. At the contrary, if you manually add 16777216 (instead of 2147483648) to your custom ResRef and manually you treat it as starndard ResRef value, it works in the game! So the problem is Toolset uses different file names and location, and different custom ResRef values than the game! Toolset: Custom file shouldn't have .tlk extension and should be located in the NWN2 installation directory. Custom ResRef value will be treated as standard ResRef value + 2147483648. Game: Custom file should have .tlk extension and should be located in Documents' NWN2 tlk directory. Custom ResRef value will be treated as standard ResRef value + 16777216. I tested it with objects names and descriptions, with dialogues, and with scripts... and it works. But if you use "Toolset method", you can see toolset text, but in game you'll see standard dialog.tlk entryes (es: custom ResRef 1 will be Barbarian as standard ResRef 1). Instead if you use "Game method", you'll see it correctly in the game, but you'll see nothing in the toolset! So it's really hard to manage a game-working TLK module in the toolset! Sample: We've got custom.tlk file, with entry 0 is "Holy Mount" () and entry 1 is "Light Ray". Toolset: To see it properly into the toolset, you need the file named "custom" (with no extension) in NWN2 installation folder (i.e.: C:\Programs\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2\"), and when you'll set entry 0 as ResRef wherever, it will use 2147483648, and it will use 2147483649 for custom entry 1. But in Game you will see 0 as nothing and 1 as Barbarian, as it is in standard dialog.tlk NWN2 file! Game: To see it properly into the game, you need a copy of custom.tlk (with extension) in Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\tlk folder, and to treat custom entries as standard entries + 16777216... so custom entry 0 will be 16777216 and custom entry 1 will be 16777217. But in the toolset you'll see nothing/empty!!! So, my suggestion is to fix the toolset, so the "Game method" would be valid and automatic in the Toolset, too... [sorry for bad English... I can't re-read it to search for mistakes! I have to hurry! Bye!]
  4. I guess you didn't realice that custom TLKs doesn't work on conversations :D Unfortunately I do realize TLK system has some issues, yet. That's the second motivation I hope Rogue Dao guys will try to adopt TLK for an easy translatability of custom products. I think Rogue Dao guys are (rightly) trusted by Obisdian guys. So I hope them could create a direct "link" to excange TLK use informations and issues... so finally we'll have got a better international support for custom content.
  5. Obivious "easier"... my mystake! I used quotation marks just to "grab" the sense: "easy but not easy". Actually "easier" sounds better. However there is another thing useful if you'll use TLK files: you'll be able to test TLK features and report issues to Obsidian. I'm in the habit of doing bi-laguage contents (ENG/ITA... even if I'm not so good with English), so I really look forward for TLK feature improvement!
  6. LOL! :D You have made me creazy on translating! However... do you know if Rogue Dao uses custom TLK files? I would enjoy very much if Purgatorio and others mod of the series would be "easy" to translate for intenations communities!
  7. You really wanted to write "STONG" or it was "STRONG"? If "stong"... what does it means? Ehm... what do you mean "sorcerers and wizards FINS"?
  8. Great Sword! But I hate it trapped so much spirit of paladins! I want destroy it! :D
  9. But you are still a modder... what is extension of your files? .mod For instance: Rally drivers and F1 drivers should have a really different technique of driving, with different cars and on different streets... but both are drivers. But that's just my point of view. I belive you'll rest on your opinion... and me on mine. But what I'm sure on by now, is that these poll results are due to a link and to an incitement on some PW forums... that's too much unbelivable this sudden rise on PW player option... and doubling all the others! The problems is that now PW players will go around forums and blogs claiming PW patchs and PW news everywhere... it's already happening on NWN2 forums' theard for 1.07 Patch Note...
  10. These are two different way to create a module, but it's always module building! However these are just "how YOU build modules"... Think to Official Campaign (also developers are module builders, not?), there are crafting system also in OC, not? So "distraction systems" are possible in single player modules, too. However SP and PW building may be different... but it's always module building.
  11. I don't understand who (restrictively) consider himself as a "PW builder" so vote for "PW player"... IMHO, what are you building are always ".mod" files... so them are modules... Modules are not only "Single Player Custom Modules", modules are every ".mod" files, whatever is its final use. And, always IMHO, also who does much things with tutorial (i.e. scripting, building area, creating UI and custom content, almost all together) is better identifiable as "Module Builders", because tutorial main production are always .mod files. These are my two cents. However, I'm just suspecting somebody linked the poll into a PW forum and incited users to "support" PW player option... I don't know what them thinks to obtain, but if it's true, them risks only to alter results!!! Always IMHO, just who reads weekly news (directly here, or reported somewhere else) should vote. But it's just "IMHO"... so I could mistake on all along the line! NOTE: if you go on NWVault's poll, PW player are just 5th on 10 options!
  12. [sorry for the double posting!] Seeing I punctually translate your news into a dedicated thread on an italian NWN forum... I dediced to create a clone poll into the same forum! I thinked that my readers could actually be intendend as your readers, so I shared the poll, too. If you are intested into those results, the link is the following: http://neverwinternights.playbyforum.forum....net/?t=8677358 I know, is all Italian, but I don't expect you'll read all posts... You can just check results (when there will be some... the thread is enough new for now). The poll's question and the answers sequence are the same... so it should be easy to you to understand poll results. NOTE: I advised users against voting both here and on my poll! I.e.: I voted only there (scripter) and not on my poll.
  13. "Small DM-led game player" are people who like to play multiplayer with a DM who lead the game (except PW)?
  14. I think to be absolutely a scripter. :D I'm scripting right now! ^_^
  15. Rob already changed the link in the main post.
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