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    Games: D&D CRPG's such as Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Neverwinternights 2. <br /><br />Music: Most styles ranging from the Big Bands of the 40's, Country Music, Folk Music, Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Opera, Classical, etc.
  1. I agree; It doesn't sound like he hates CRPGs so much to me, but rather that it allows him to be more creative by hating the preconceived limitations presented in CRPG development. It seems to me that, if he really hated CRPGs in general, he would more likely be focused on developing arcade-style games.
  2. Welcome, Matt, to bothe the Obsidian forums here and the NWN 2 Forums on the BioBoards
  3. I actually haven't had that much time to play, lately, RL takes it's toll on gaming. I have also been having issues with my video card oveheating lately (since 1.07 patch) and I'm looking at remedial action on this, but haven'r really had the time, so I'm taking it easy on my hardware for now.
  4. I am primarily a PW player, but I also enjoy MP sessions ranging from the OC to custom modules to single player as well.
  5. A couple of things I definately agree with here, and some suggestions... 1. If you have someone on staff who is interested in writing romances, by all means let them write the plots and dialogue, or find someone with an interest and talent for it to do it. 2. Gratuitous sex isn't needed. If there is to be such a moment in a tale, do it in such a way that it is not the most important moment in the relationship, but a new beginning instead. 3. Continue the romance afterwards, rather than allow the confession of love to be the end of the romance tale and come off more like a compl
  6. Chris, I hope you know what you've started here and are paying attentin to this thread in the NWN 2 MotB forum as well
  7. I'v tried the Wlakmesh Helper in a couple of rather simple places and found that it works pretty well, and ha saved me a lot of frustration with trying to make a simple dock a walkable area. I'm going to give it a try on a few other things as well to see just what I can get away with.
  8. Sadly, it does cause toolset problems. I don't even get an error on my system, just... nothing. Oh well, It should be fixed by the time I get back from a short vacation
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