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  1. Well if I was to recreate the walkmesh file format, which I am pretty sure is possible, how would it be compiled? I know of no programs that even come close to compiling that type of walkmesh. Could this even be done?
  2. Hey guys I am kinda new and did not know where to post this so if it is the wrong place could one of the mods please move it to the right place. Thanks. Okay first of all I am starting to begin my long journey down the path to becoming a game dev and the way I have done this is by becoming a KotOR modder. So anyway I have been doing this for about 6 months or so and I noticed that nobody has been able to create walkmesh for KotOR I or II. So I was wondering basically can this be done? Can walkmesh be sucessfully created and exported for the game and if so how is it done? I really want to l
  3. Well this is on the pc I am guessing, so you could go and get an armband mod that will allow you to open doors that normally would be closed to you, so if you do decide to get a mod check out this link here.
  4. Dantooine and Nar Shadda on the xbox and the on pc I get it the first few seconds!
  5. On the DS I like the original red Sith Saber but on the LS I like to go with the Silver Saber, and both I like to put the strongest crystals I can in them (to make them almost one hit kill)!
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