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  1. On this forum a long time ago I got into a big debate with a bunch of idiot skeptics. My argument was that a light saber could potentially be made with technology we don't know yet... I got all sorts of harassment and bad moods from people who just can't use their minds. Well, now Harvard says they can help make a light saber. So if it was you giving me trash for that HA! http://www.popculturemonster.com/science-technology/lightsabers-accidentally-invented/?utm_content=bufferdf7e9&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer
  2. ANyone who still says this war was valid: What was the exit plan? lol. What happens 'after' we check in on this non-existant threat? LOL! Like 37 of them are Islands or countries with no military that have deals with America and owe us something. One of the biggest contributors offered monkies to blow up landmines.... lol. Nice alliance... Not to mention many have opted the 'take us off the list' option. LMFAO! Like Jon Stewart pointed out, we go from 'USA the mighty', to 'take us off the list', telemarketer style. rofl But I'm curious, are you saying that diplomatic solutions were exhausted, or even close to attempted carefully? lol. No suprise Halliburton was right in the thick of it... lol.. Iraq has not been a large provider for US oil in the past. But that does not mean it has not been, or is not an asset now. Iraq has large oil reserves. If they are controled, or burned, they can be made large amounts of money off of. Just because oil from a country goes to like... China for example, doesn't mean it doesn't go through our hands or interests first. lol.. I'm not exactly sure you can call any 'intelligence' agency credible... I imagine close to, if not all, have interests to uphold and/or obtain. And lmfao@Rosbjerg. Thats a good point. The US violated UN rules by invading Iraq. So both countries violated a UN rule. Since we violated a UN rule would it be morally alright for like, North Korea to invade America? lol.. Since we probably would not grant the UN, or Kim Jong Ill access to our weapon secrets?! LOL. Seriously.. People need to put a spin on perspectives and try different ones out... How else to know them better... Where??? When? lol...
  3. yeah, you must be right... saddam met all his obligations in reporting the destruction of his documented WMDs, never fired on us (not 17 times at least) and did not systematically violate nearly every condition of our withdrawl since 1991... nope, not at all. it was all about the WMDs that, while bumbling blix was on the prowl, saddam managed to ship out of the country or bury in the sand. yup, that was the only reason... try not to rewrite so much history mkreku. taks <{POST_SNAPBACK}> taks, lol. If you are such a good samaritan and wanting world peace and safety, maybe you should be trying to helping countries in Africa... lol.... I have not heard a PEEP from you about anyone in the world doing as bad or worse then Saddam was. Now that we are occupying a country, you say it's justified with circumstances that are not as extreme as some things being ignored. You can't be everywhere at once. There is something needed to juggle the world's power so much. It's called strategy. lol. This war ignores it(at least the publically told strategy). We can talk all day about how someone had the right to get Saddam out of power. He still existed in his country.... for a reason. Polls in Iraq show a huge number of Iraqis would vote Saddam over anyone the US props up! LMFAO! We sure are saving the Iraqi's ... Does anyone still think we are liberating them? lol.. Liberating them from somewhat bad conditions in occurance. And thrusting them into a full blown warzone... This is an Arab nation we are occupying.... It was obvious to me, a regular citizen, that the Iraq war was horrible strategy after such an attack as 9-11(no matter what bias I have agianst a political 'body' in the capital). It took the pentagon.. over 2 years to tell us this? lol Who I with no military experience outside a simulator can tell easily before we even started the war? lol..... Strategic Effects from where I'm sitting: ~Enflame more pissed off Iraqi's in a time where Bin Laden has claimed a 'holy war'., ~Branded them in the same light as terrorists when they are just defending their home, defending their ideals. Misleading gullible Americans about what is actually going on there.. ~Drawn valuable resources away from protecting America from 'real' terrorists(more accurately described as Enemies of America with no rea; 'country') ~Drawn attention away from the crazy internal actions going on in America(Patriot act I and II for example). ~This is making the 9-11 out of sight out of mind for a lot of people. There are many unanswered questions... I'm not sure those intended to be answering will ever... lol. Bush is being sued for doing 9-11 by someone claiming to have FBI docs that prove it. Bush, nor our national media, has told us the real goal of Osama Bin Laden. ~This has weakened our military considerably. ~This has made large amounts of unrest inside America's internall 'conflict' plethora. Almost segregating the society on two extreme sides(politicians are loving it, lol) I could name many more....
  4. You are capable of change. Creating the world you wish to see through your actions. It will happen no other way as far as I can tell. But I was more reflecting on doing something bettering yourself would be the first move to the 'impossible' goal that you are speaking of... lol.. Your like the international doppleganger of an American who says "Nuke the Middle East". Out of all the things in the world, you hate yourself the most...
  5. You must do something for yourself to start IMO... lol... Those who did vote often are under the illusion their vote will change something dramatically. On the contrary, many people care about where our country is going, but know that voting is not an adequate means to implement their wishes into action...
  6. lol. No. This is what about 25% of America voted for... And even then. This is not what was advertised. lol. .
  7. Oh, lol, and also... Just to add insult to injury... Iraq vets are already showing up on the streets homeless.... Troops sueing to stop the US army extending their tours of duty in Iraq. THE Pentagon has admitted that the war on terror and the invasion and occupation of Iraq have increased support for al-Qaeda, made ordinary Muslims hate the US and caused a global backlash against America because of the
  8. Agreed^ I have been saying that for what, 5 years? lol.... I think it's pretty obvious the Bush admin is highly corrupted, as well as our highest spots in government infiltrated by a bunch of assorted chronies... Theres just about no arguing that. No matter what, there is a huge conspiracy going on. EIther with people hiding it. Or large LARGE groups throughout history giving quotes like this:
  9. Usefull for making people publically afraid of you, as well as hurting someone extremely bad/killing them maybe. Where did you get that from? lol. That's quite a deep and uplifting thought Oerwinde
  10. framerate at times slows.. One time I got a major slowdown. I paused the fighting(it was an intense battle) and gave orders, and didnt touch a button and it worked itself out. Still my favorite game ever.
  11. dega had a good idea. I'll start with buddha. I love many of his quotes.
  12. Go Seahawks!!!! But damn tho... lol They were doin real good last time I checked.. 6-6?
  13. They can move it off federal grounds... But that would just be a deception. lol. Most of us pretty much know our country is heading towards a Church/State marriage, and somewhat martial law. But seriously... It's just a piece of stone on federal land. This is some stupid insignificant story compared to current world situations. Its like this is something someone wants us to talk about instead of other things(like a number of Iraq War vets already homeless in the streets of America!). Good point.
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