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  1. Darth_Onivega he would actualy S-U-C-K do to the fact that MC (masterchief) can Bash a tank into little tank-lits, lift it up AND crush everybody on an ENTIRE covie ship!!! :D " ALL MUST LOVE HALO
  2. Kotor1: Name: dark lord Kyle Gender: Male Head: the guy with the scar on his face...i like scares. Weapon(s): double bladed lightsaber blue class: scoundrel/gaurdian Alignment:darkside Romance: Bastilla Kotor2: Name:dark lord Kyle gender:Male Head:the guy with the scar Weapon: double bladed lightsaber silver Class: gaurdian/sith lord Alignment:Darkside Romance:Briana
  3. i also think it would be realy cool if after you beat the game you unlock like a twi-lek you play the game as a twi-lek and you have new diologe options and once you beat the game as a twi-lek you could play as another alien but that would take a lot of memo but at least it will give me something to get me to find out (w00t)
  4. 1) You cant take off his armour or his helmet, they are fixed onto him 2) If you have played KOTOR 1, he should sound familiar enough, as he is btw, its Mandalore :cool: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i thought Ordo sounded famlire and his voice but i didn't know that they would take him and put him in K2
  5. how do you take Mandilore's helmet off and who is he if you can't take his helmet off
  6. Atton- "time to even the odds" its funny because if there is only one enemy then the odds are un-even because you have 3 people and there is only 1 of them :D those of you who don't know what that means well...i don't have time :D
  7. that sounds alot like suicide i like Hanhar theres a cheat " that allows you to get his intelligence maxed out it rocks you also get strength it realy rocks :cool: he will destroy anything on the planet's surfice
  8. i liked dontooine it was a realy important place plus i get my lightsaber second quickest there :D .
  9. ooops... 2 late well at least now i know and i can do it DS at first i was thinking that you had to do it before you activate him but in a way that could be bad in my DS he won't kill i would wan't to kill him if you couldn't take it out :D
  10. i hope that in KOTOR 3 you can pick a voice for your character like when you pick your face and stuff you have like 5-10 voices so when you talk you can hear yourself. :D but before you pick it will give you a sample. :D what do you think?
  11. right now im in the conversation with him and i don't have enough inlfuence im asking him "how many jedi he killed to protect myself" so do i just say "i have a new upgrade." ?
  12. i have x-box does that make a difference? i can't say i have an uprgreade or anything like that.
  13. how do you install/use the pacifire for HK-47. or if you can install/use it on GO-TO or any droid. all i know is it is for a droid. i don't know which one and i don't know how to install/use. Please help
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