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  1. I hearby announce my own new gaming console, the Pii. Now, you too can say, "I'm going to go play with my Pii", and have hours of enjoyment waving around your Pii stick, the name for my new controller. And, believe it or not, I created this new name without even the slightest bit of help from my marketing team! They even banged their heads against a wall in appreciation. What a genius am I!
  2. I thought Generals was okay, but only after the expansion pack came out.
  3. Mmmm... Roses of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) pastries. That's the best kind. I'd like to sit back, order a burger and a couple of Rose of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) pastries, and reflect upon why bakery menus are now four times as long.
  4. I played the Empire at War demo, and I have to agree that is a meh. Not bad, but not amazing either.
  5. Yeah, I have to agree that Vice City's the best. San Andreas has cool stuff like swimming and eating, but it just doesn't have the same atmosphere as Vice City did. Then again, I liked the 80s more than the early 90s.
  6. What's your favourite level of the game, like Goto's Yacht or Iziz or whatever. Mine would have to be the Forest part of Dxun. I like the scenery and the different quests.
  7. In my eyes, the bible makes sense if it's meant to be taken as a mythical legend and guidebook and not as literal truth. (for example, that the Flood is meant as a tale about punishment for sin instead of a worldwide flood actually happening). While I'm sure that parts of it are somewhat factual, after 2000+ years I seriously doubt that most of the original text still exists as it's creators intended it, and I don't think it should be considered to be as true as a history textbook. Considering much of it was written decades or even centuries after the events they record, I'd have to agree with
  8. I beat the final match by moving around on the mat for a little while, and then staying in a corner. If it worked right, a handmaiden or two would walk off the mat, and being in a corner meant no one could attack from behind and only three or so handmaidens could attack at once, which made it a lot easier.
  9. I've won all the swoop races before, and I have to say that Onderon's my favourite. Tatooines next though.
  10. Sorry in advance for the long post. At the beginning of KOTOR2, there are still quite a few Jedi/Sith around: The Exile Revan Bastila Vrook Atris Zez-kai-El Kavar Vash Sion Kriea Nihilus Visas Several Hundred Dark Jedi Chodo Habat (somewhat) True Sith dudes These guys can pretty much be put into four different categories: Former Jedi Order Members, Nihilus's Sith, Sion's Sith and Grey Jedi that don't have an allegiance any more. Former Jedi Order members like Bastila or Vrook or Atris are in hiding, slowly building up networks of allies (for example, Kavar and the Onde
  11. No, the Xbox 360 will not be the death of the PC. Neither will the Playstation 3 kill off PC gaming. Same with the Revolution. Why? Well, while consoles make large technology jumps, and for a short time may be better than PCs, the PC is a continually upgrading system, and the PC will always eventually overtake consoles. Then, companies like Microsoft or Sony make a better console, but eventually PCs will become better than them too. Basically, since consoles can't upgrade, companies have to keep making better and more expensive consoles, while PC owners can just keep upgrading their machines f
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