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  1. Well, that must be it, then. I probably told him to stop asking that. That hardly seems right, though. Why would that keep me from installing a pacifist package? Grrrrr....
  2. Talk to him - it should give you a "I found an upgrade part for you" then install it ... it' one of (if not the) funniest moments in K2. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I thought I did talk to him. I have almost no influence with him, though. Will that matter?
  3. How do you use the HK Protocol Pacifist Package? I've got it, but don't know how to use it. I have HK in my party and I have a high Repair. How do I use this thing?
  4. Oh, good. If anyone was going to be blasted away by Go-to, I would have rathered it be Disciple. )
  5. I just entered the Ebon Hawk after Korriban, and there was a little cutscene with Go-to destroying Remote. I liked that little guy! There's no dialog or message about what that was all about. Why did that happen? Will he come back?
  6. Do I HAVE to kill him? Isn't there a way for a LS player to get these lightsabers? Does anyone sell them?
  7. I've finished Nar Shadda, and am one step away from finishing Dantoinne. All i have is my special lightsaber, and one short lightsaber that i think i got from Voggas kath hounds. How am i missing out on getting lightsabers? I don't remember getting one from Zez-Kai Ell, I think he just took off to meet me later in the game. He did teach me a form... but didn't give me a lightsaber that i can find in any of my inventory. Are you sure this list is accurate? ) I have lots of Jedis, but only one decent lightsaber...
  8. How much DS do I have to be to get him? Just a little nudge?
  9. I really dislike Mira, but I like playing LS. So I'm curious: is it possible to play DS until you get Hanharr, and then go LS for the rest of the game? I dislike her so much i am thinking of using the SaveGame editor to switch her out and Hanharr in, but I'm afraid that'll mess up my game big time.
  10. Ah! I thought I looked around well enough, but I guess not! What with all of those bounty hunters attacking me, i guess it is easy to miss. I'll try again... Thanks for the help!!!
  11. You really don't get the concept of LS and DS, do you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, let the kid be. If he wants to play a psychotic light side Jedi, let him. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, first I am no kid. Second, I'm a she. Third, I do get the concept. I'm not psychotic, I just kill who i'm supposed to according to the story. I like being a hero, and helping everyone out. But the story requires me to kill, and in my opinion, a kill is a kill is a kill. Slashing someone with a lightsaber is just as painful and bloody and cruel as using DS powers, wouldn't you s
  12. Yes, I believe I am at the right door. I go to the left when I first encounter the bounty hunters, and then go straight a few times and then to the left again, from what I remember. Im at work now, so it is fuzzy. The thing is, this particular door does not say "Security", it actually gives me two dialog entries telling me that there is something special about opening it. Again, i would have to have the game open and copy the words down to have it exact. But all of that makes me think that I have the right door. I went back to the corpse to see if I didn't get his passcard, but it is gon
  13. Ok, then no big deal. I like being a LS person, but I love those DS powers! I can't really see the point in differentiating between the two. I mean, if I am going to kill someone, hack them with my lightsaber and such, why is it so DS-ish to suck out their life-force?
  14. I tried to...! I get a message saying something like this door uses a special thing to open it, something like that. I would have to go back in and type it out, I totally forget what the message said. The thing is, it would not open.
  15. I have been playing over and over again trying to get past this one place... In Nar Shaddaa, as Mira, I was able to beat Hanharr and the kath hounds. Now I am supposed to get to some escape tunnels to get my Exile back, but I can't get the door to open. I got some kind of keycard from Old Beast Tender corpse, but the door won't open. Am I supposed to find something else to open the door? I sure would appreciate some help, I am so stuck!
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