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  1. The developers of KotOR, BioWare, revealed where HK-47's name came from on their forums. "HK-47 was the name of the drop ship that put you down on the planet surface in Shattered Steel." Shattered Steel is a 1996 action game developed by BioWare.
  2. Bastilla and Carth because they are on the list, but Revan is my favorite character.
  3. You think? Don't say it if you can't prove it. <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's Dutch for "Dark". This is how Lucas meant to use it, and this is how it will be used. It may also be "darkness" in german, but for our puposes, it is Dark.
  4. Aim to kill Malak only. Once he goes down the rest of them dissapear. If you have it, a smiple force storm should clear the room of any of the other Jedi.
  5. That matters? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Indian movies tend to have lots of dancing and singing, so yes it matters.
  6. The new stuff Obsidian tried to add to Swoop Racing was a ggod idea, but not implemented very well. There were glitches where I would get stuck on the ceiling, or stop dead in the middle of the track. I voted for the Duel areas. Fun and they help develop your character.
  7. It actually is It's from this series, it was a sort of urban myth for awhile: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You can tell a dolphin from a shark by the orientation of it's tailfin. (is that what it is called?)
  8. Umm, you don't mean my pic do you? Her name is Isla Fisher. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He meant the post above yours. Middle pic on top, Mischa Barton, the overrated girl.
  9. From the "How to kill a Jedi 101" lesson from the influence conversation with HK-47. It falls somehwere after the "I met a Sith Lord on Korriban and couldn't kill him." line. He goes on to talk about how to use mines for combat against a Jedi and errosion of your opponents will. I just came across this dialoge again today and this quote caught my attention. "HK-47: Cautionary: Master, don't take this the wrong way, but in my opinion, a blaster shot to the throat is often the best way to silence Jedi hypocrisy"
  10. Based on that line, I'd say you were talking about Visas, not the handmaiden. It would really help if you posted the Characters name and what line of dialoge you are stuck on. If you are refering to Visas, then there is no need to gain influence with her, being that she is already a Jedi. If it is the Handmaiden, then follow Unabomber's advice.
  11. Bulls-eye. Believe what you want to believe, but dont force it upon others. What ever happened to Seperation of Church and State?
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