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  1. I think that's how it should have ended too. The LotRs one is amusing.
  2. It's an act of goodness, purity and mercy - to the rest of the world/universe. It's a tough business, but someone has to do it. For the good of all. And gunguns too. Well, as long as GL doesn't mess with Kotor, I'll be happy.
  3. I actually meant that the chances of Blizzard making Warcraft 4 are exceedingly slim now because of WoW, so if they make a Kotor MMO, the chances of them making Kotor3 are going to go down. Although I like your analogy too
  4. What an absolute joke. This will be like WoW was to the Warcraft series - only worse.
  5. Just as long as they don't just restore the cut content (i.e. classes, such as shifter, mystic theurge, sacred fist, etc (toolsets are great to look at for 'what might have beens')) for the expansion and actually add something new (aside from the story) then I'll be happy. It'd be wonderful if they fixed the OC, but I doubt'll happen. I just hope the storyline is less spoonfed to us this time and somewhat darker. Subtle is good . I hope its more Kotor2's to Kotor1 (if that makes any sense).
  6. That is one of the nicest things I've ever heard anyone say about Britian. Really. As far as I'm aware, and I could be mistake, we don't have jay walking over here. If we do, no one pays any attention to it, ever. Even the cops do it. As far as I recall, we've never been taught in school not to 'jay walk'. In fact, I only heard the term when I was in the US/Canada. I find it absurd that anyone would fine you for something as simple as crossing a road. Admittely, yours are a lot bigger though.
  7. QTF. To which I was agreeing that the ones who issued the death threats would do well to reexamine their own scriptures and 'turn the other cheek'. At least, that's what I was trying to get across in my first post. Apologises for any confusion.
  8. Don't they have a right to be offended? I agree that they should turn the other cheek, but as long as they are protesting peacefully what is the problem? Death threats are not very "Christian" however
  9. Elanee & Sand were my favourites. Elanee I don't like all the time, and while she can be unreasonable, most of the time she speaks sense. Sand was quite dry, which I also liked, but I don't feel they did enough with him. Bishop spoke a lot of sense, although I didn't like him in-character because of his ideals - I did like him out of character. Shandra I liked too, but she felt a bit generic. Ammon I like/dislike. He reminds me of Bishop, and both of them annoy me in the lack of responses/see outside the box the way they can makes my character look stupid. Quite honestly, I agree with most
  10. The main problem with the PT was that everything was forced. Everything happened because it had to happen; not because there were any solid reasons behind it. The reasons that were offered were flimsy at best. From a tactical point of view, very little made sense. While I accept that humans are rarely logical and tend to choose emotion over reason, there were still far too many conveniences for my tastes. I can't think of any offhand though unfortantely. I just remember feeling "Why?" throughout the entire movie. The winning side seemed to win because it had to; in the first movie, the robots
  11. That's a little harsh. They should at least get a trial and "go through the motions" first. After that - put them up against a wall and shoot them. Aside from that, I agree with you.
  12. I recently completed the game again... my second run through. First time I played an NG character who somehow wound up as LG, much to my eternal disgust, and second time, my LE character wound up as NE. The evil ending was a lot more fun than the good ending, and I must say, I preferred playing as a guy to a gal. It simply felt like there was more to hear from the various characters - then again, I've never liked Pallys, so... I was kinda disappointed with the choice of prestige classes. I was really hoping they'd include the Mystic Theurge prc so I could try my druid/sorcerer out. My unar
  13. I never even considered laying down mines But I like the idea of "compulsive mine laying disorder" My exile lays mines everywhere due to his traumatic past that you encounter later on in the game "No I run across the bridge and disarm all the mines; no, why did you have to die, it should've been me!" " Or some such. Roleplaying justifies everything.
  14. Pest is an understatement. The biggest one I've heard this year. Back on topic... Eye implants :crazy: Well, people are free to do what they like, I however, will be staying far away from that. Admittedly, some tattoos do look good on some people, and more power to them, just as some piercings look good on some people.
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