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  1. Ok...it took me 3 years to finish this game...well...I did put it aside for a while, but anyway I just finished it and have a few things that are loose ends in my head. What was the point of the cut scene between the droids near the end? I had the impression there was going to be conflict with Goto's droid but the game never went back to it. In the Library of the Jedi compound you meet a NPC, I forgot the name, that you seem to remember from somewhere....I don't think I ever did follow up on that. Did I miss something important? At the Sith acadamy there are some doors you needed to blast open. Again, I forgot to go back to them and when I remembered I was already outside the academy and could not re-enter. Same question...did I miss something? Where were the assissin droids being made? I assume that was a quest that was deleted from the game, but I want to make sure. Anyway...I'll run through it again, I think I did a bad order for the planets. I got most of my party way too late in the game for them to be helpful. I did Goto's planet, (name escapes me), last. That is a mistake. Just have to see what patch NWN2 is up to.....damn buggy game that one is. Happy New Year y'all.......... Ps ..any good mods for the game?
  2. Thanks for all the replys...the running behind the bar, pouring a beer or whatever that stuff was, and picking them off worked just fine. I guess I need to talk to him more....I had no clue at all he could become a Jedi. That was a beer right? :'(
  3. I'm stuck. Not only cant Atton beat them, so far he cant even do any damage. I tried moving the combat slider to easy but have no other ideas to get past this. I must be missing something...... Thanks in advance...
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