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  1. Hmm... Something similar happened to me when I played the first time. I couldn't get that message to play. Then I went to that Swoop racing area and entered the door where the guy keeps that droid behind the shield barrier. That's where it finally played for me. Have you been there? Perhaps there is a bug that prevents the cutscene from playing unless you have visited all of these areas. Also, have you completed the sidequest where you visit Vogga The Hutt and put his Kath hounds to sleep?
  2. Beat all of the Red Eclipse thugs outside (and inside) the Ebon Hawk. Then face Visas. Once that is done, leave the Ebon Hawk and walk around Nar Shadaa some more (doesn't matter who is in your party). After a small amount of time the cutscene with Atton telling you of the message should automatically play. After that, the final leg of the quest will be unlocked and you can continue.
  3. Whoa. I did not even see that in the Inventory. Thanks for telling me where to look. Still a bummer that you can't wear it, though.
  4. Took me 38.5 hours on Lightside, 29 hours on Darkside.
  5. I can't believe they didn't at least think about it since asking Visas to bring the mask to you is an option. Hell, the screen even indicates that you have received it as an Item... but like I said it doesn't even show up in the Inventory. What was the point? Was it something they planned to do but simply did not have the time to finish?
  6. This was disappointing. When I played the game on Lightside and defeated Nihilus I noticed that there was an option to tell Visas to bring you his mask after she looks at his face. I didn't do it at that time as I was playing PURE light side and didn't want to risk a single Darkside point. However, I noted it and was looking forward to that moment when playing Darkside. I finished my Darkside game last night (as a Sith Lord at Level 43) and was thoroughly disappointed to find out that while you do receive the Nihilus mask (along with Darkside and XP) you cannot equip or wear it. Hell, it doesn't even show up in your Inventory. What's up with that? It would be so cool to be able to wear that mask throughout the rest of the game (so long as you have enough DS points). Oh well.
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