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  1. how does a game coded and optimized for the xbox lag on its successor? wow... i understand its emulating the intel architecture on a ppc platform but the raw power of the 360 should render it able to handle kotor 2 with ease... right?
  2. I don't think people will have complaints with K3's story (OE has an amazing writing team) and I'm sure they will factor in all the various permutations into K3. My only concern is BUGS!
  3. well *theoretically*, he didnt die there (he was cloned) but it would be cool nonetheless. i think the obsidian developers should have had kreia falling down the endless hole on malachor when the platform you are fighting on crumbles (then we can make another reference from the movies! :D)
  4. its too bad we dont have midichlorians in our cells and havent discovered how to create lightsabers yet because then you could *BE* darth revan
  5. well the reason they have so many star wars references is because the obsidian developers actually decided to *WATCH* star wars and then watch it all over again and they picked out the lines/scenes that fans of the series appreciated and threw these in kotor 2.
  6. I'd like to see some brand new PC Heads for K1 or TSL. I'm not a fan of reskins or modifications to an already existing head since it just involves changing the eye colour, skin complexion, or hair colour. I think that the series as a whole would be better if you could fully customioze your character's appearance i.e. like in the Sims 2 (when you create a Sim). That way you can be happy with the character you create instead of using Bioware's or Obsidian's pre-designed heads which dont look all that great. I'm not criticising modders here since I'm pretty sure I couldn't do any better but I wo
  7. Most Powerful Sith (In my opinion) - Not in any particular order - Marka Ragnos Naga Sadow Ludo Kressh Exar Kun Darth Sidious Darth Vader Some like Darth Bane, Darth Cladar may be powerful but probably are nowhere near those 4. Most powerful Jedi (once again, in no particular oder) Anakin Skywalker Yoda Mace Windu Obi-Wan Kenobi
  8. I'm guessing its you smartass Just thought I'd inform some ignorant people of the facts...
  9. Wow Ni, how did you get from Point A (Aussie forces) to Point B (New Zealand Kiwis)? A large leap of logic indeed <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Indeed If you want to get into a humanitarian comparison of the German occupation of the Soviet Union (roughly 25 million civilians killed) vs. the American occupation of Iraq (civilian casualties differ by source, but usually between 10,000/15,000), you're going to lose. And I would say the Mandalorians remind me most of the Thraddash. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Do you want to know something about the German
  10. Jango was a Mando wasn't he? Temuera Morrison (the actor who was Jango Fett in Ep 2) is from New Zealand... (AND PREPARE FOR THE LEAP OF LOGIC) Therefore... Mandalorians best represent the New Zealand defence forces!!!!!!
  11. Not to be too political or anything... If you're telling me that America has caused more harm than Europe, you people are sadly mistaken. England, France, Germany, Russia, Spain - they were all empire builders, they all slaughtered people, they conquered, they pillaged, they converted. Compared to the amount of carnage caused by them, America seems like an angel. Let me remind you that the two world wars in this century were caused by Europeans. But, while we're accusing the Europeans, lets not forget others like Imperial China, Rome, Ancient Greece (Alexander the "Great"). I'm not an Amer
  12. Heheh... I wouldn't complain.... I would love to see the <Character Name> Crystal with the Kaiburr, Ankarres Sapphire, Solari (for LS users), and the Hurrikane. Would be great to see the Qixoni for LS users too.. I believe there is a mod to solve that problem but it doesnt really matter to me. I'm quite happy with my saber combo : Silver Crystal or Viridian Crystal Kaiburr Crystal <Character Name> Crystal Utlimate Diatum Energy Cell Ossus Dueling Lens Expert Fencing Emitter
  13. Or.. It would be great if you could post them here so I can download them :D (Please!)
  14. Does anybody know where I can find the Atris texture files because I plan on editing them... I was so disappointed when I saw her for the first time because the textures were horrible so I'm planning on making a new set but I would like the ingame texture file for use as a template. I have KotOR tool and I was exploring the various .bif archives but so far, no luck. Please help
  15. Thanks for the reply and I'm kind of disappointed that there were ONLY 2 groups of Mandalorians. Maybe 4-6 groups in total would be nice. I realize that there won't be Mandalorians on Korriban and Onderon but maybe if they had several groups on Nar Shaddaa and Dantooine as opposed to just one.
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