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  1. Maybe IMDB I ripped kotor 1 and 2 music from the gamaes,maybe i can put some in a map(the ones you want) and mail it to you.
  2. I have to confess that when i made the pics,i did a big ass imortal and money cheat. :">
  3. Oh well ive read some stuf and i have to ad,that if your gonna use om to make as a sig or something id like to give permission.But just for use as desktop and all that stuf to share and just look at thats fine with me.
  4. Well I think i get what you mean,but here in Holland your not a kid after 16 but also not adult until your 18.But its all weird.What did you guys think anyway,that i was some fat guy in the 40s that had no life. Anyway i think i will have my Lord Revan hood finished soon.And good news:Im beginning on my Lord Revan gloves/gauntlets.
  5. Nice more helmets and masks for me to make " Is there more?
  6. Well i became 16,on august 6th.So im afficialy not a kid anyomore.But then again i wish i was 5 and could cute my way into every hyeart of a girl between 15 and 35.
  7. What do you mean with patience.Well the mask took very long 1 and a half year.But only becouse i always did stuf fast.A normal kid whould have taken longer to make it becouse well i always take iniciative and dont like waiting for stuf. Damn, if I were you I'd wear that everywere. :Well it does match my new nikes. (w00t)
  8. Oh those ass***** ive made a screenshots toppic here before but it wasnt complete.And now they just steal mine and say its their.I realy worked hard on getting those shots! Its good they cant steal my mask,those bloodsuckers. Anyway whats it with an XBOX melting?
  9. Havent been around here in a long time,nice to see people still complementing me,this is realy cool.Well Jesse Conroy i could sell it,for 1 Billion dollars. (w00t) I'M RICH BIAT*** (w00t) But then again,i whould have no mask to go with the suit im gonna make. Well to be honest and leave the jokes behind of me and to be serious.I come from a family thats pretty lazy and therefore pretty low on money(not poor but realy low on cash) and always thinks that everything will come to themselves,I think im adopted becouse im the only one in my entire bloodline that has a busy life,Going to
  10. Well guys i told you id finish making screenshots of kotor 1 and 2 so here they are Kotor 1 http://www.maj.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=89657 Kotor2 http://www.maj.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=90868 when public(it takes a while to go online) If anyone wants to use em for something please ask permission for it. Enjoy
  11. It only has big value if no one els has made it yet.I learned that my way (w00t)
  13. Man that spam filter must be working 24/7 around the clock,with all those dudes coming with tiles like *OMFG this dude stole a game from you on the net *Are you gonna make kotor 3 *Are you the ones that make up the lego *You guys rule *HAHA I SPAMED YOU *is lucas gonna make more movies Lol just the thought of all those noobs mailing,cracks me up
  14. Well its far in the outer rim,if someone every scanned a galaxie map from the Star Wars fact files you could look it up.
  15. Oalright check this out.......SW Galaxies,but no extra credit card pay,a free galaxies whouldnt that be great.
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