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  1. Could be a fencepost error. The change might have happened between 11 and 12 instead. *shrug*
  2. Light side? What do you use for primary offense?
  3. There always seem to be a few chuggish spots, particularly if you are using older hardware. I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Even if it were fixable, Obsidian is never going to release another patch for this game.
  5. When KotOR2 came out, I at first avoided buying it because of all the complaints I'd read about it being in an unfinished state. When I finally got around to trying it for myself, I immediately regretted not buying it sooner. Similarly, for the longest time, I avoided playing a female character in KotOR2 simply because I'd read so many complaints about the Disciple versus Handmaiden. I really should have learned my lesson from before. First of all, his battlecries are hilarious. I keep expecting him to jump out and shout "Have at thee, knave!" Second of all, I really like the fact
  6. He has a implant built into him-one that doesn't appear on the equipment sheet-that can be toggled between regeneration, strength and (I think) dextererity. If you select him as main character and look to the bottom left of the main screen you should notice it down there. Note that he can have another implant as well as this one-so you can give him a strength enhancing implant in addition to this one for example. Well, dexterity is kind of a waste given that his armor has +0 and can't be taken off.
  7. What is this "built in implant" business with Mandalore?
  8. True, but neither is the difference between +1 and +5 dexterity bonus all that much at level 30, particularly when the Zeison Sha-style armors make up the difference in armor class (not to mention allowing for underlays and overlays on your main and saving a feat point on finesse). Six one way, half dozen the other.
  9. I did download KSE and gave myself a Stealth Field Generator but it won't work. Make sure you are editing the correct game. Don't forget to click both buttons (left then right... I think it's "Apply Changes" then "Commit"... the first applies the changes to KSE, the second transfers the changes from KSE to your savegame) after making changes.
  10. Assuming you haven't installed a certain mod, yes.
  11. I'm sure this discussion has been done a bazillion times before, but how about lately? I find that I really like playing a Sentinel-Weapon Master. One of the nice things about KotOR2 over the original is that skills really mean something this time, so I like to go crazy with skills in the first few levels. I start out with 14 intelligence, and spend a feat on making Repair a cross-class skill fairly early on. I then pump the crap out of Treat Injury, Computer (to upgrade T3-M4), Repair (to upgrade T3-M4), Persuade (for dialog options), and Awareness (dialog options and avoiding mines)
  12. Do a search on the Internet for "cheat codes" and you'll find instructions for doing that stuff on a PC. I can't recall what all you need to type in.
  13. I know what you mean. As much as I appreciate the restored content to Telos, that stuff is at the beginning of the game. I would have liked to see more content at the end of the game so you can have more time to enjoy/appreciate having your trained jedi NPCs in tow.
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